Wedding photography tips and Ideas for Bride and Groom

wedding photography tips

Wedding Photography:

Your wedding photography is as important as your wedding. Do not let the minor mistakes destroy your wedding photos. Your wedding photographs will be a good memory for you if you have good photos. Bad wedding pictures will just make you feel annoyed and somewhat sad as you will have a look at those pictures in later years. For your big day photography, here I am going to share with you some of the best wedding photo ideas and wedding picture tips.

Wedding Photography Cost:

To make your wedding journey successful without putting you under the burden of debt, the best tip is to control your expenses. Have a look at your finances and then spend accordingly. If you call for a wedding photographer, it will no doubt cost you more. However; again wedding planners advise looking for a photographer that could fit inside your budget range.

Wedding photography for groom is as important as the wedding photography for bride. You must have amazing couple photos to cherish the memories of your big day whole of your life.

The couples are ready to spend a large amount of money on their wedding photography. Indeed, we can say that wedding photography has become a craze and a big goal now. According to an estimate, couples are now spending more than $2,556 on a wedding photographer on an average just to have an amazing wedding photo shoot. The rates may vary from $4,000 to $6,000 for full day coverage. In fact, if you make a rough estimate, wedding photography cost would make 10 to 15 percent of the whole of your wedding expenses. You need to keep a cost estimate about $1,500-$2,500 for your wedding photography.

Also, wedding photography cost depends on the photographer you hire. Some photographers may even charge more than $6,000.  However; no matter how much you spend on a photographer, if you make some minor mistakes like not having a good wedding reception decor can destroy your money spent on hiring the best photographer.

Wedding photography tips and Ideas:

How should your wedding photo albums be? Here I am going to share with you wedding photography tips. These tips and wedding photo ideas will let you know that how to have the best wedding photography for groom and also the best wedding photography for bride.

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Follow these wedding picture tips and fill in your wedding photo albums with happiness and fun.

  1. The first wedding picture tip is to wear such an outfit on your wedding in which you feel comfortable. The most important tip here is to wear comfy shoes. With a wonderful wedding reception decor, the sexy wedding heels will make you look gorgeous in your wedding photos. The same tip is for the groom too. Choose comfortable outfits and have your true reflection in your wedding pictures.
  2. Who destroys your wedding photos? There are always some people among your wedding guests wanting to have their photos in all of the photos in your wedding photo albums. For solving this trouble, the tip is to give time to everyone to have a photo and use gentle ways for taking out such kinds of people.
  3. Another top tip from wedding photography tips is that the bride and the groom must spend some time together deciding about their shoot. If things are finalized in advance, it will result in having a wedding photography with more cooperation and confidence among the couples. Therefore; not following the tradition, the couples must be ready to spend time together in planning about wedding shoot.
  4. What makes the bride not to have the best wedding photography? After a couple of days, when you will have a look at your wedding photo albums and you remember that you do not have a photograph with your special friend, you would be feeling really sad. Therefore; the tip is that the bride must make a list for photos to give to the photographer to let him/her know to capture your photos with your guests you want. Let your photographer know about your must-have photos. The same way, for the best wedding photography for groom, groom must also do the same.
  5. The wedding photography for bride is also affected by the way the bride holds the flowers. Usually, the mistake many brides make is that they hold flowers in their hands too high which may hide the full photos of them. The best tip here is to make a pose in such a way that you are showing off the whole of your body. It is better to hold the wedding flowers near your belly-button level.
  6. Wedding photographers do not know that which can be your must-have photos in your wedding photo albums. You would like to have the pictures of all of your wedding guests and with your family members especially. Therefore; take out some time for having a shoot only with your family members one by one and have a memorable wedding photography.
  7. The photos of elder members of the family must be included in your wedding photography. Wedding photos with elder members of the family are the real pictures to be appreciated. Give time to elder members and then have a shoot with younger members following a sequence. This way, you would not miss any member to have a photo with on your wedding.
  8. In your wedding photography, your wedding reception decor also plays a role. Keep in your mind your wedding reception decor and then set your poses accordingly. For example, if your wedding reception is all floral, it would be better if you have some poses like a fairy-tale queen. Also, while choosing your makeup, outfit and everything else; do keep the decoration of your reception in your mind. A stronger coordination among all wedding items will result in having a fantastic wedding
  9. Wedding photography is not all about having photos with your groom and other family members. Instead, there must be a separate shoot for the bride and a separate shoot for the groom too. Solo pictures would make you remember the day in a fun way like how did you get ready and all that. Especially, brides like to capture their bridal glow in wedding photos.
  10. For lightening the full bridal glow, the next wedding picture tip for wedding photography for bride is to ask your photographer to capture some of your photos backbit by the sun. The natural light photography tip will add a real bridal glow to your wedding photo albums you would be cherishing the rest of your life.
  11. A wedding photography idea is to have a photography in a new way is to have wedding photos in a new way. Ask your wedding photographer to use a step stool or a ladder. Capturing photos from a little height will add creativity to your wedding shoot.
  12. photography is not all about having photos in which bride and groom are looking serious. Instead, if you want to add brightness and happiness in your wedding photo albums, the wedding picture tip is to have some fun photos as well. Being a bride or a groom, it does not mean that you need to be serious all around.
  13. Wear smile on your face. A smile is a magic that fills your photos with life and also makes you look charming. So, try to wear a smile while you are having a wedding photography. A wonderful wedding picture idea is to have a photo in which couple would be looking each other with a smile on their faces.
  14. The next wedding picture idea is to ask your wedding photographer to take pictures from different angles. Start moving and have a photo. The same way, move upstairs or look back and capture these memorable moments of your wedding in your photos.
  15. If you are going to wear a train dress on your wedding day, do not miss to have a full photo of your train dress. Have a photo from the back with the groom or have a photo sitting or standing in such a style that your train dress is all visible in the picture.
  16. We do not like black and white photos now. But, a wonderful wedding picture idea you would surely love is to have black and white couple photos. These photos with a classic touch will make you feel cool. Another idea is to have a photo shoot with black and white wedding reception decor.
  17. The last but the most important wedding photography tip is to ask the bride and the groom to keep the vision of their photos in their minds. While having romantic photos, ask them to feel romantic. If you are going to have some fun photos, feel the same way to bring reality to your wedding photo albums.

This is all about the best wedding photography ideas and the top tips. If you need the best wedding photography on your big day, keep these tips and the ideas in your mind and you would see the difference in your wedding photo albums.

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