An Ultimate Guide About Wedding Photo Albums That Is Never Told You

Wedding Photo Albums

Wedding Photo Albums:

The big step after a wedding is getting your Wedding Photo Albums in shape. It is not a very easy task but with the little bit of help, you would be surprised with your progress and as a reward, you will get the well-organized wedding albums for a lifetime. Right after the wedding, the photographer will send you the thousands of wedding photos to select which ones to print. But you really don’t want to mess up the whole wedding albums by immediately choosing. You should take your time and here is the guide that will help you create and format your Wedding Photo Albums.

Pre-Plan The Wedding Albums:

You have to pre-plan your wedding photo albums, as you planned your own wedding very carefully to avoid any mess and unwanted situation. This pre-planning the album will give some idea about how you want it to be. So, you can be sure about the positions and opt your favorite photos. This will help you get you down a number of photos from thousands to hundreds at least. You don’t necessarily need to plan this stage when you are planning your wedding, it can be done after the wedding as well.

Get Some Advice:

The wedding album creation is a tiresome job and pretty long process so, my advice to you will get some help. This help can come from the friend, your mother, your sister even your grandparents or the person you trust with your decisions. The reason is that you would be overwhelmed when you take a first look at your wedding photos. If you have a sister or mother by your side, this will give you some support and advice about your selection of photos.

Choose Cleverly:

These are wedding photos which mean, there would be several similar photos of one pose, style or angle. So you have to smartly choose the photos you want to get printed or developed. You don’t need to overload your wedding albums with repetitive photos or create a meaningless mess. You must make your Wedding Photo Albums to be more creative, artistic and send a clear message to the guests, you show your album at the coffee table.

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Take A Decision About Album DesignType:

Wedding albums are very important and come in various forms. All you have to do is to pick up your favorite one that matches your personality. If you can’t decide on one, then you can make a contrast and get a customized album made according to your choice. Here are some wedding album types or designs.

  • Wedding photo book

The most traditional design of the wedding albums is wedding book. The reason looks like the book is because, it is bound like a book form and covers the edges of the photos.

  • Leather photo albums

The leather photo album is a classic and traditional wedding album style. The big advantage of it is long lasting and better in use.

  • Personalized wedding photo albums

To get modern designs of wedding albums, there are many companies offering more customized and personalized album makes of special fabric and material. These customized wedding albums offer the range of colors and layout options.

Don’t Hustle:

At the time you receive your wedding photos from the photographer, all you want to do is to tear apart the wrapping and instantly start selecting the photos for printing. But, don’t hustle and take your time. It should be a slow process and look out all of the photos two to three times carefully. By doing this, you will get the idea that how much similar type of photos are there and which ones you want to put in your wedding albums.

Wedding Photo Albums Cover:

To make your Wedding Photo Albums more personal and customized you should add more distinctive elements to it. Why the cover of wedding album is so important? It is because the book is judged by the cover it has. To make your albums cover unique and attractive you can choose the special fabrics and colors. You can also make the contrast of your favorite fabrics and colors.

Cover Title:

With the beautiful cover of the wedding albums, you know what will make it shine even brighter: a beautiful cover title.  Now what will be a cover title, depends on you completely. There aren’t some rules for this but for the great impact you should keep it simple. You can also print your favorite quote on it and give your wedding albums a timeless impact. If you are arranging your wedding photos in the form of some story, you can also give it some story title.

Make A Good Story:

Instead of putting your wedding photos in some meaningless manner, you can create a story with them. You can open with bride’s and groom’s portraits and then start with your prep photos, wedding ceremony and reception. You didn’t necessarily have to do it in this order but you can create your own beautiful story.

Focus On Details:

Another suggestion for your wedding albums is focus on details and forget about the time-line. Don’t take too much stress about the fact that you have to finish it on time. All you have to do is to focus on little details like what moments will go well together. The defining moments with everyone in it, to appreciate everything that went on that day.

highlights_03 (1)  An Ultimate Guide About Wedding Photo Albums That Is Never Told You highlights 03 1Decide The Order Or Format Of The Album:

You know what will be more boring is to put photos in parallel order or put four photos on one page. It is not only boring but annoying too. So change the order of photos like you can put the photos on different angles and put a single photo per page. It will give your wedding albums a different perspective and powerful impact.

Here at the end of our journey of Wedding Photo Albums, I hope you had a good idea about how you to make your wedding album unique and funky.


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