Ways to make your Family Photographs better

The season is almost upon us, Holiday cards, and family photos and before you know the season will be over. So to enjoy the season and to make sure you have your holiday photos on time. It is important to plan when and how to take those photos in advanced. Many of you might have visited a studio to get your pictures done while many others might have decided to take out their cameras and shoot one themselves. Here are a few ways or ideas, tips, tricks or styles to make your own family photographs!


Tips on the Equipment

Whether you own a digital camera or a DSLR camera it does not matter until and unless you know how to use it. You might own the most expensive DSLR with amazing features but if you do not know how to use it the camera is a total waste. Take out your equipment and learn how to use them before going out taking pictures of your family. Experiment your techniques on the day to day objects.


Tips on choosing the location


Where you shoot your pictures is important. This can make or break the family photos. One should look for the background that fits your style. Local Parks, bridges, forests, walking trails, farms, and barns are can turn out to be a great location for some great pictures.




Tips on Timing and Lighting

Lighting plays a vital role when it comes to a photo shoot. No matter what type of photography you are going for the lighting is the main ingredient. Morning and dusk can turn out to be the best time for taking photos with proper lighting however they are not always the convenient timings. The lighting before dusk is warm and beautiful, especially for shooting pictures of the children. The more you play with the lighting during the shoot the better shots you will get by the end of the photo shoot. So make sure to you use your imagination and proper use of the lighting to capture the perfect moments of your family.


Tips on Using Different props

The use of different props can make your family portrait look even more amazing. Hand out different props to your family members and tell them to pose with them. Switch the props after each picture so that every picture is different than the other. If you want to style the shot in a more traditional or relaxed fashion, then ask the family to wear natural or pastel shades. Opt for bright, bold or clashing hues for a more energetic, frivolous shoot.


Tips to Taking a lot of Photos

The more photos you take the more chances of them being picture perfect. With kids it is hard to snap a good picture in one shot, so try taking more than one picture to make sure one of them turns out to be the way you like it. Plus, you can always use a photo editor to merge the pictures to make one masterpiece instead!


Hope you will follow these guidelines and will get better at photography.

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