Ways to make your Digital Photography better

Digital Photography has taken over everyone these days. You will see many people walking around with their cameras or their smart phones trying to capture the perfect picture to share it with their friends or on the social networking sites. Some people are able to capture amazing photographs while other fails to do so. We have a few ways or ideas, tips or tricks to make sure you are able to capture amazing photographs too. If you keep these ways in your mind next time you are out to capture the world around you, you will definitely snap better pictures.


Tips on Basic Composition

The composition is known as the heart of a photograph. A composition is known as the position of different elements in a frame. The easier way to learn the composition rule is to break your frame into nine squares of roughly equal sizes. Align the subject of your photo along the lines and imagine the main image divided over these boxes. This is called the Rule of Thirds. This gives you a more dramatic and visually interesting shot. Many cameras have a rule of thirds grid overlay that you can activate when shooting.


Tips on Adjusting the Exposure

If you are not shooting in manual mode, your camera has the power how to set the exposure of your camera as you shoot. Exposure means how dark or how bright your picture is while you shoot. The camera looks at the scene and then determines the appropriate exposure settings to match the scene. That is the reason why there are special scene modes for different climates.

If the photo turns out to be too light or too dark, you have simple change the scenes that are available in the new modern cameras. Or simply set the exposure yourself using the manual shooting option. There are physical buttons present on modern cameras to adjust the exposure. If the photo turns out to be dark or light, move the scale accordingly.


Tips and tricks on choosing the right mode

All the cameras have a lot of shooting modes, from fully automated mode to a very specific scene mode. If one is shooting a fast action scene, the camera should be put into the shutter priority, the “S” mode and increase the speed of the shutter, around 1/125 second or faster. It wills her to freeze the action and snap quick objects. In lower light, Aperture mode can be used to make sure there is much light entering the lens as possible, or if one is shooting landscapes on a tripod you can close the lens’s iris to increase the depth of field, keeping everything in sharp focus from the foreground to the horizon. If you are a D-SLR shooter, you’re more likely to use the A or S modes, while point-and-shoot cameras will often feature more specific modes that cater to activities like sports, low-light use, or landscape shooting


If you follow these simple rules or tips you can make the most out of your camera and turn into a professional photographer.

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