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famous portrait photographers

The art of making the stunning and beautiful portraits is the hard job but very rewarding. The timeless quality of portrait is what makes it unique. A well-executed portrait captures the strong emotions, mood, and landscape in a very elegant way and it has a whole story behind it. In the Portrait Photography, the center of the focus is the subject and lighting and composition come in second place. But some extraordinary famous portrait photographers around the globe master this difficult yet rewarding art of Portrait Photography. Here are some well-known and famous portrait photographers to influence the world with their portraits.

Famous portrait photographers:

Dorothea Lange:

Dorothea Lange is best-known portrait photographer because of her work in depression era of the America. Lange was also a documentary photographer and American photojournalist as well. Her influential portrait photographs of people suffering in the depression period gave her recognition on the national and international level as well. She was able to capture their faces and emotions in a very stimulating way that these portraits affected so many people.

Steve McCurry:

The name of Steve McCurry is the first one to come in mind when we talk about Portrait Photography. He is an American photojournalist and also works with national geographic as well. His famous portrait of the Afghan girl in June 1985 gave him worldwide recognition. This portrait of Steve is linked with a historical portrait of Mona Lisa. For the work in various conflicts, ancient cultures and also disappearing cultures was honored with many prestige awards. He is also known for his broad work throughout India

Annie Leibovitz:

Annie Leibovitz is the famous portrait photographer, especially known for her exceptional work in Portrait Photography of celebrities. Annie Leibovitz worked the famous fashion and pop culture magazines such as Rolling Stone Magazine, Vanity Fair and other as well. She is known for use of bold colors, unique poses and enthralling light.

Angus McBean:

Angus McBean came from South Wales and was famous for his portrait photography of celebrities in the early 1900s. The most famous portrait photography subjects of Angus were Vivien Leigh, the Beatles and Audrey Hepburn, his work was famous in the vintage film era and in the rise of cinema.

Yousaf Karsh:

Yousaf Karsh was an American-Canadian and best known for his wide list of his photography clients. He portraited photographs of all top of the world people: the politicians to celebrities to world leaders and thought provokers. He photographed best of the best people around the globe. His most famous portrait subjects were Albert Einstein, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Winston Churchill, Grace Kelly, Helen Keller and many more.

Edward S. Curtis:

Edward S. Curtis was born in 1868 and best known earliest portrait photographer. His specialty was the photography of American West and Native people. His best work is known for envisioning American history. His fabulous and stunning each portrait of Native Americans tells the story.

Antonin Kratochvil :

Antonin Kratochvil is a well-known photographer from Czechoslovakia. He is a photojournalist and portrait photographer, his work is unique because of his various photograph subjects. He photographed almost everything vary from celebrities to victims of war. His most stunning and unique work is in black and white photography.

Philippe Halsman :

Philippe Halsman is responsible for most recognized portraits of the 20th century. Philippe was an American photographer specialized in portrait and peculiar photography. His famous portrait subjects are Marilyn Monroe, Salvador Dali and much more.

Diane Arbus :

Diane Arbus is known for her odd or unique photography subjects like people who defy the social norms dwarfs, giants, circus performance and other deviants. Diane specialized in black and white portrait photography and her portraits do not focus on beautiful perfections but involve flaws and shortcomings.

Herb Ritts:

Herb Ritts was the fashion photographer from America and was famous for his unique style. He posed the models in ancient Greek sculptures in black and white photos. He had intriguing and dominant work in the field of style and fashion.

So, these are some of the famous portrait photographers and their inspirational work. They influence the world with their beautiful and spectacular portraits. They didn’t work in one field but a number of various fields to show their visualization of the world and events as well.


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