Tips to make you a Family Photo expert

As the holidays come and go by, family gather around to snap their pictures to make the holidays memorable. Some even use the family portraits on postcards for the holidays. Most of the family either goes to a professional for their picture or there is a designated photographer in the family. This article is for the designated photographer in the family, but the professional can learn a few things or two from this. Here we have listed a few tips, tricks, ideas and styles on how to make your Family Photography better.

Tips on Traditional Family Portrait:

If you are looking to snap the tradition family portrait, you will have to play the role of the director so that all the eyes and faces are towards you and your camera. Working with a large group of people can be a bit difficult but if you are patient and assertive, this will help to get things handled. Eye contact isn’t necessary everyone can look anywhere so that the picture looks amazing. Use of burst mode will help to click the best picture, as you will have at least one frame with everyone paying attention.

Tricks to Play with lighting:

Lighting plays a vital role when it comes to any type of photography. If you are planning to shoot inside but cannot afford the expensive lighting, then you can switch to the natural light the sunlight. The group should face the light or is parallel to a large clean window. If the day is bright enough cover the window using a veil or any other thing material to make the light softer and flattering. While using a flash inside, make sure you use a diffuser to soften the effect of the flash and also to avoid bleaching the skin.

Tips on Using your Imagination:

Whether you are inside the house or outside the house, the best family pictures are the candidate ones. Those pictures seem real rather than reel. Make your imagination run wild, change poses styles and use the light as your prop. Either the sun will fall on the face or on the back, make use of this and snap amazing picture. Make them pose the way you like or the way they feel comfortable. Photography is all about imagination and how a person has an eye for a good picture.

 Tips on Using Different props:

The use of different props can make your family portrait look even more amazing. Hand out different props to your family members and tell them to pose with them. Switch the props after each picture so that every picture is different than the other. If you want to style the shot in a more traditional or relaxed fashion, then ask the family to wear natural or pastel shades. Opt for bright, bold or clashing hues for a more energetic, frivolous shoot.

 Tips on having fun with Photography:

Have some fun! Get rid of the boring old pictures. Unleash the enthusiasm and ask your family to run, jump, and spin, give each other piggybacks, dance, play fight and in general – laugh! Get them doing things that will dispense with any rigidity or formality.

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