Best Tips to do tempting food photography

Tips to do tempting food photography

There is reason why photography is an art, not science: it doesn’t have formulas in which you simply plug-in relevant data and you are good to go. It requires great expertise and techniques- depending upon the subject of interest- to click the best shots.  Food photography is the form of photography which requires the photographers to capture mouth-watering pictures of food. These pictures are generally used for cookbooks or marketing purposes. Therefore, it becomes essential for food photographers to produce pictures which attract attention of general audience. Here are few tips for food photography which will help you make the customers drool.

Colors, colors and more colors!:

Unlike portraits or life style photography where dim colors are most suitable, food photography comes alive with bright colors. The reason being bright colors, especially dark green or red, make the food look fresh, healthy and hygienic. Do not add fake colors. Just let the natural color of the food shine bright and you have done your job right.

Move your camera:

This is a general photography tip which needs due attention in food photography as well. Do not be static. Move around. Try different angles; some plates looks good from above, some from sides and some from completely different angle. Capture pictures with various depths, backgrounds and zooms.  Shoot a lot! You wouldn’t believe what drastic improvements can be brought to a simple picture with just a shift of angle.

Let it be natural:

The traditional studio photography has engraved in people’s mind that it is mandatory to add unnatural elements to the photography. This technique does not fit in food photography. Introducing fake light sources or unreal backgrounds only make it worse. Why put so much effort in changing backgrounds when a simple tablecloth or kitchen can do the job perfectly well?

Focus on details:

No one is going to pay a second glimpse to a photo of food unless it has something that catches their eye. As they say “devil is in details”. Make your picture rich in details. Wipe the edges. Use simple crockery so that the focus remains on food. Add real props to the picture like raw ingredients etc. Beware not to spoil the simplicity of the photo in process

Be unique and creative:

Put yourself in the shoe of customer. What kind of picture will make you stop scrolling on Facebook and have a second look at it? Definitely not the mainstream picture of a burger with lattice unless a sauce with cheese is flowing down its sides.  Do not hesitate to try various techniques. Capture while cooking, show before and after effects, add human elements, work with small amount of food than usual, show food cooking in oven or freezing in fridge etc. Go out of your way to introduce unique pictures and you may well become a trend setter.

These little tricks will help you revolutionize your photography completely. Remember, this list is not exhaustive nor perfect. Creativity lies within. Explore new techniques. Get inspired and happy clicking.

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