Tips To Perfectly Portray Mom To Be [ Parenthood Photography ]

parenthood photography Parenthood Photography Tips To Perfectly Portray Mom To Be [ Parenthood Photography ] Parenthood Photography
Writing tips on shooting maternity sessions, right I will probably get a start unleashing the best ideas and will try to put all of them into account.  Clicking moms to be can be as beautiful with these handy guidelines as it’s a time of hope, transform and pleasure…all of which should be photographed. So here come some useful tips for splendid parenthood photography!

Posturing and Outlook:

Pleasing a mama and her pregnant belly can be different state of affairs every time as what might look great for one mom could not work at all for another.  Here are some go to poses and angles for pregnant parents.

  1.  Hands on the belly: It’s very natural for her to want to touch the bump!  This is really effective in drawing attention to her belly.
  2.  Up high: Height is a great way to butter up your subject and a bigger belly.  Get ingenious!  Have your subject(s) lie on a quilt or blanket so you can shoot from above.
  3. Keep it natural: Have her fixate on a point slightly away from her bump to avoid double chin and unnatural effects.  Good eye contact and a smile are the other effective tools.
  4. Get couples close: Basic couple posing can work well here, and if the belly gets in the way just go with it.
  5. Straight on: Slanting to the side is most wanted for all pregnant moms, but 45° angles can work well too.
  6. Standing vs. Sitting: Standing is almost always more flattering for pregnant women, but you still want your subject to be relaxed so tell her to bend a knee or pop a hip.  Sitting works best when shooting a family but it calls for some extra awareness of angles.


One of the things to love about maternity images is the imagination they provide.  Now is a great time especially if you are working with two adults that will take direction.


Focus on the emotions they’re experiencing and keep them in mind during their session.  When they really start to anticipate the excitement of a new baby it can show in their faces and body language.


The options are endless. With a first pregnancy you can really go anywhere! Urban, outdoors, a client’s home and you don’t have to worry about nap-time either!


Clothes that cling are usually your best bet and more flattering.  If mom wears a flowy dress you can make it work, but you’ll probably need her to gather and hold it close under the belly for defined belly shots.

maternity-parenthood-photography Parenthood Photography Tips To Perfectly Portray Mom To Be [ Parenthood Photography ] maternity Parenthood Photography


Highly recommended time is the beginning of the last trimester and hopefully before 35 weeks as after that point things start to get uncomfortable – getting up and down is tough work and it’s hard to feel ‘pretty’.


Family maternity sessions can be so amazing but also really tricky.  If the older sibling(s) are still very young, it can be stressful to get them in the shot and have mom show off her belly, but do your best to focus on the interaction between family members.  Choose your location wisely when working with animals.


If the new mom does want to incorporate a prop or idea they’ve seen on Pinterest into their session, pick and choose.  Do your best to complete their vision but remember its okay to put your own spin on it.  Communicating up and about is vital here!

mom to be poses parenthood photography Parenthood Photography Tips To Perfectly Portray Mom To Be [ Parenthood Photography ] mom to be poses Parenthood Photography


If YOU, miss fancy photographer, are pregnant yourself (congrats!!) then consider documenting your own pregnancy by taking a few images here and there.  Setting up the camera, using a timer and remote or even the bathroom mirror are all ways you can snap some shots.

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