Tips For Taking The best Family Photo

The family is the best thing to happen to every person in this world. They are the ones who truly understand you from the inside out so you don’t want any happy moment to be missed with them. So, you should capture every moment spent with them. But to have a perfect family picture is a hard task since not everyone is satisfied with the picture. Here, I have provided few of the tips to capture just the right family photo.

  1. Camera Accessories:

Tripod is one of the most used accessories along with the camera. Using tripod stand with the camera has numerous benefits to capture the ideal picture.  People are most of the times nervous when they are being photographed, so it is the job of the photographer to make them feel comfortable, but it becomes a hard job when you’re shaky and nervous too. This is where the tripod comes in handy. It forces you to slow down and makes the camera lens shake lesser. And it also helps you to go through your manual settings once again very comprehensively. To make people feel comfortable you should make an eye contact with them. Tripod also helps you to move your eye away from the camera eyepiece and have a direct eye contact with the subject.


  1. Focus Settings:

S the photographer is using tripod stand so he really does not move that much. So you should lock the focus or change it to autofocus because you do not want the picture to be blurred by your nervousness. So using autofocus mode helps you take a better picture.


  1. Posture:

Make the subject feel very comfortable when they are being photographed. Most of the time, when you capture pictures of people they stand straight as stiff and this pose becomes more awkward when you take group or family pictures. So, try to make sure that they do not stand stiff since anyone stands that stiff in their natural style unless they have a backache. And  try to scatter them as all of the heads pointing in the same directions what you do not want in the picture because it seems like the subjects are forced to stand there.


  1. Taking care of their weaknesses :

Try to make people look taller if they have shorter heights and slim if they are fat by adjusting the angle at which you click the shutter button. If people are short, try to take a picture from a lower level and if they are fat, do not use the wide lens or the landscape mode. If one has a chubby face try to take a picture from a higher level so their chubbiness disappears.

  1. Lighting:

The most effective thing in a picture is how bright or exposed a picture is, and this is controlled by lighting. Try to make light fall on the faces of people in the family picture to make it look brighter but not that much, that they cannot even open their eyes or they have shadows under their eyes. The best idea is to make light fall from the side just about their shoulder level.

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