Tips and tricks to make your indoor Photography better

Is it raining outside or you are stuck home for some other reason? Either way gets your camera as there is tons of cool stuff to photograph while you’re under your roof! If you don’t know where exactly to start, we have got a few ideas, tips tricks or styles to help you out.


Tips on Using Macro!

The world of macro is yet to be discovered even if you think you have already photographed all the photo-worthy items in your house. The world of the macro will make you look at things in an entirely different perspective. All you have to do is to turn your camera towards a flower, or any such item in your house. Set your cameras setting to macro, zoom in on the item and snap the picture! Easy like A B C! Snap everyday objects in a macro to capture all the terrific textural magic. Grab a clear glass of soda and try to capture the carbonation bubbles that are coming out of the glass to make it look like a deep sea!


Tips on Picturing your favorite room

Sit in your favorite spot in the house with your camera. Capture all the things that are nearby in the room and tell us why it is your favorite spot to relax through pictures! Pay close attention to the little details in the room, as the little details can make your photographs amazing. The book on the desk, the pillow on the couch, the window sill, capture everything leaves nothing out. You can try out different collage apps to make your photographs even better. Print them and hang them in your room, make your room a work of art!


Tips on using the Sunlight and Shadows

The sunlight creates amazing shadows throughout your house. Why not get your camera and capture those shadows and make some artistic pictures from them? Just take a walk around your house, snap the photographs of all the sunlit areas in your house. You will be amazed at the light shape and the patterns you will find. Or you can pick a spot and create a time lapse using the pictures, snap the photographs of the spot throughout the day to see how light changes from sunrise to sunset. After all, sunlight is the best lighting for taking pictures.

Tips on shooting edible

Are you a food lover? Obviously, even if you are not a food lover you do have food in the morning, in the evening and at night. Why don’t you capture the food you eat too? Turn those edible items into photo subjects? All you have to do is to capture our food in different angles to figure out at which angle they look more artistic. Take quick snapshots before you dine, or pretty up your meals for a profesh-looking photo shoot. You can make even the simplest of foods look straight out of a fancy cookbook.


These were a few tips and tricks on how to make your indoor photography better. We hope you try these out.

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