The Key To Phenomenal Landscape Portraits

landscape portraits

Phenomenal landscape portraits:

Each and every one of us reading this article must have had some experience with a camera. Whether traveling with friends or family to someplace exotic. Even just a short trip to the nearest hill station, or even a nice picnic near a stream or river bank we must have taken many pictures of different places and landscapes, but how many of those countless pictures have actually turned out to be jaw dropping, the chance are of them being close to one in a million. There’s no need to worry now with expert advice on various styles, ideas, tips and tricks of the craft, the key to phenomenal landscape portraits is now here.

With many different kinds of camera technology in the market there is no doubt that each has its own set of advance benefits, but the basic principles to any kind of photography stay the same. The subject being shot has to be in full focus. Make sure the lighting is up to the expectations; use a tripod where ever possible. This is to ensure perfectly still photographs every time you click. Other than that experts highly advice that, the key basic to perfect landscape shots are sometimes the product of various experimentation. So experiment a lot with your camera.

Various Styles:

There are three various styles when it comes to photograph a beautiful landscape. These three styles are known as “the representation style”, “the impressionistic style” and the “the abstract style”. Since “landscape photography” is a sub category of “nature photography” it has a completely different way of capturing it.

When taking a “representation style” landscape photograph one should think about nothing but how to capture the most natural looking shot. The reason why people take “representational style” shots is to get the most realistic and natural result out of all kinds of landscape photography. Special care is taken towards the framing of the picture, with crucial steps taken towards the light settings and composition of the overall image.

Even though “representation style” shots sound very easy and straightforward, it doesn’t mean that they are easy. These shots require proper organization and planning, the vital elements that create a good “representation style” shot include having the right weather conditions, and light and time of the day have to be carefully planned. Then it is up to the photographer on how they compose all these elements into the perfect shot.

The next style is known as the “impressionistic style”. In this style the goal is to capture the vibe or feel, certain landscapes emits from within its self. Like how does a valley of dry Rocky Mountains, surrounded by dark Grey clouds covered in a blanket of mist give you the feeling of? Or may be a meadow of lush green grass with wild flowers growing all around, what vibe does this landscape emit? This is what needs to be shown in an “impressionistic style” photograph.

This specific style carries an elusive sense of reality within it. A good photography of this style would need to capture the essence of the landscape on the other hand giving it a more alternate reality of some other kind. The goal is to give the impression of the landscape that it surrounds its self in.

The last style to look out for is the “abstract style”. In this style of landscape photography, the key is to make up graphic components using the components in the landscape and surrounding props. With “abstract style” shots use the landscape in more of a design element to build up your picture composition. Main concern should be with the color, form and shapes as it relates to the overall picture. The landscape does not necessarily have to be recognizable but the design should. Place high emphasis on something which seems counterintuitive to place emphasis on.

Again experiment with different effects, like use different lighting techniques to highlight and focus on different shapes mad by the landscape itself.  A wide variety of photographic techniques and tricks may be employed to attain the desired effect. Different contrast settings, under and over exposure are just a few techniques used in Abstract Landscape Photography.

landscape portraits  The Key To Phenomenal Landscape Portraits io

Certain Tips and Tricks of the Trade:

With many hours spent on experimentation of a wide variety, many experts from around the world have come up with top notch tips and tricks to help you capture those desired shots. The first tip our experts give is, to decide the perfect time of the day. This is important when composing your picture because of the different light settings that change every hour. Another tip requires the use of “polarizing filters”. There are many uses for these filters, it helps to eliminate any reflections or unwanted glare from the scene and tends to increase color intensity and saturation.

When composing a frame, experts suggest that lines in particular are a strong factor the judicious placement of planes in the scene can also be factors in improving your composition. Also when the wind blows or water is moving basically any that is moving at a constant speed can be shot using a slow shutter speed. This creates a slight blur but adds a great amount of interest to the landscape. When using a slow shutter speed, make sure you control the exposure and also slightly adjust the camera’s aperture to an appropriate one.

One great tip by are experts for reducing the brightness between the sky and the land is the use of ND grad filters. There transition from clear to dark neutral density allows the photographer to balance the exposure between the sky and land.  Making it easier for the photographer to balance them, these results in more exposure in the picture.

In conclusion the last tip our experts give to all photography enthusiast is to keep on trying to capture the perfect shot, using your imagination along with experimentation. Photographers can learn some new tricks and this very much helps them to excel and stand out in their skill.

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