The Best Guide Of Newborn Photography Tips You Must Know

Newborn Photography Tips

Newborn Photography Tips:

The newborn brings so much joy and love into their parents’ lives and they want this feeling to be captured and stored forever. Newborn photography provides them with the opportunity to seize the moments because these moments pass by so rapidly. The little newborns will soon grow up and the photographs of those days will give them the image of they look back then.

The photography of newborn is a very enjoying process both for parents and the photographer but also somewhere stressful too. Because handling a baby requires precautions and safety measures. In the baby photography, you are not the one in commanding position but the baby is. Here are some useful newborn photography tips for parents as well as for photographers.

A Happy Baby Shot:

As long as the baby is happy, you can take shots in peace and get the desired result. Now keeping a baby calm is a hard task and you should get yourself prepared before shooting. You can ask baby’ parents for advice and keep the shooting space warm for the babies. The warm atmosphere gives the baby a cuddling feel and calms them.

If the parents are shooting their newborn, they can also use this tip. Another thing you can do is play the sound that makes your baby asleep. There are some apps that offer the naturally soothing sounds to put the baby to sleep. The mother knows a better time when their baby is lazy and compliant like this time is usually a morning time. So shooting in the early morning will be a good idea.

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Natural Light Shot:

This tip is especially useful for the parents who are shooting their newborn and don’t have the fancy light equipment. You can take shot in your garage and near living room window; this will give you the good light and professional touch in your photography. You can follow the instruction for having the soft and highlighted effect in which light flows over the newborn head. You can do this by putting your baby in 45-degree angle. You can also take above shot, you don’t need to change the baby’s position, just walk around the baby and take shots from different angles.

Get Siblings In One Photo:

The idea of getting all siblings in one photo sounds not only cute but it will be more adorable in the reality. All the siblings welcoming the newborn and you can pose them in different formations like kissing the newborn, lying together and many more. These photos exhibit the bond and love that exist between siblings and newborn. There will be so much fun and excitement that needs to be captured with an eye of the camera.

Include The Parents Into Shot:

The parents work so hard for their kids and newborn increases their work. But they do this hard work with so much pleasure so aren’t they deserving to be in the photographs? So ask the parents to get the shot and you should get great shots of parents’ love and joy with their little newborn.

Include The Family In The Photo:

The family portrait with all the siblings and parents into one shot around the newborn will be really good addition to your family photo album. There are different poses you can try with the newborn family like parents and siblings sleeping around the newborn; sitting around the mother holding baby in her arms; all the family with newborn in the out; and siblings getting on dad’s back with the mother holding the baby etc.

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Add Colors By Using Props:

There are the variety of baby props that allow you to add more fun and colors to newborn photography. These props are not only safe for babies but comfortable too. The shots of newborn in cute blankets, hats, headbands, faux fur, little angel wings, wood nest, saddle sack, baby bowls will make the most adorable addition to baby’s album.

Keep The Newborn Safe:

While shooting, the most important thing is to keep the newborn safe. Before you start the photo sessions, make sure all safety measures should be in place. The safety measures include many things like do not wear any pointy jewelery, sharp nails etc. The most importantly do not wear the bracelet that has loose pearls because the newborn might swallow any of these pearls. The photographer should always wear the neck strap for the camera. The reason is that the camera might hurt the baby while taking the close up shots. If you are shirt having buttons, cuff links then you should keep your sleeves folded.

Capture The Baby’s Movements:

The most beautiful shots of newborn will be of their natural movements like smiling in sleep, yawning, stretching, baby’s putting his/her tiny hand under the cheek etc. You should try to capture these beautiful movements because it will give you more variety in newborn poses. You can also take shot of the detailed close ups of  baby’s tiny hands, fingers, toes, beautiful open eyes, tiny feet, nose , pout lips, ears etc.

Keep The Baby Comfortable:

Your first priority should be to keep the baby comfortable. If the baby is not comfortable in any pose, baby prop or if its baby feeding time, you should avoid the photography. You should immediately stop shooting and make the baby comfy. Ask mum and dad to stay around the baby because mums have the natural capability of knowing baby’s needs.

Be More Flexible:

The one thing that is necessary for newborn photography is to be more flexible and open-minded. The reason is that you can’t dictate the baby to do what you ask. But the good thing is babies have the tendency to surprise us, all we have to do is opened to new experiences. You can capture the newborn expressions while awake and sleep as well.

Here is the end of my guide about newborn photography tips. I hope these tips will help you in making your newborn photos shine and bright. My most important tip to you is keeping your baby happy, have fun and take a moment to yourself to enjoy everything.

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