Taking the Perfect Selfie

perfect selfie

Selfies are a true millennial trend. The term “selfie” implies a self-portrait photograph and taken by a digital camera or Smart phone held in one’s own hand or attached to a selfie-stick. The term “selfie” has become so famous that it was included in the Oxford English Dictionary and was also proclaimed to be the “word of the year” both in the same year – 2013. Selfies became famous as they provide the person taking the selfie, who is also the object of the selfie, to adjust the camera in such a manner that the angle is most flattering. Typical selfies are taking at arm’s length and give the illusion of bigger, shapelier eyes and a more angled, pointy chin. Below are a list of idea, tips and tricks, and unique styles and poses to make your selfies stand out from those of your friends.

Ideas, Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Selfie:

Before we start listing some of the unique selfie ideas& tips, that will make your selfies seem unique and more personalized, here’s a piece of advice: invest in a good selfie stick. It allows you to take selfies from an angle and a good selfie stick doesn’t mean the most expensive one out there, it means one that robust and sturdy, it is a plus if it’s portable.

Here are some of the best selfie ideas & tips that can give your selfies a fresh look and give you a chance to garner more likes and re tweets:

1.      Pet Love

Snapping a photo of yourself with an animal, probably a cute on, is a nice way of stepping up your selfie game but you can surely take it up a notch. Place your cat or dog in front of you in such a way that the face seems part man, part pet.

2.      Selfie within a Selfie

Taking selfies in which you can show your friends or members of you family taking selfies of themselves simultaneously.

3.      Express Yourself

Include few items of interest and things you are passionate about. This will help your selfie become a story about you!

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Poses & Styles for the Perfect Selfie:

Selfies have become a way for people to express themselves. They do so by adding different poses & styles

1.      Show Your Shoes

Shoe selfies are becoming quite the trend. Isn’t it fun to snap straight down capturing your shoes?

2.      Mirror

Snapping a selfie at home or in a car (not while you’re driving, of course) through a mirror is also a unique style of stepping up your selfie game.

3.      Shoot your Shadow

Snapping your shadow is best when the sun is behind you. Cement works just fine but why not get a little creative and try something different like a lake or a beach.

4.      Cover it up

Infuse a sense a mystery. Cover up parts of your face or one of your eyes.

5.      Get Candid

Add a cool hat and some aviators. Maybe try some funny filters. Act silly.

Selfie Props:

Props are the new trend in selfie. Most of the props used these days are cardboard cutouts of objects such as;

  • Mustaches
  • Bow ties
  • Glasses
  • Witch hats

But you can really use anything as a prop – your phone, a wineglass, a paintbrush. The possibilities are endless.

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