Top Photo Softwares – Step By Step Guide About How to Use

photo software

Photo software is basically used to manipulate or beautify digital images. This category of software helps in adding effects and adjusting the size of photos. Most often this software is used to change existing images the way you want. And you can easily create new images. This kind of software is mostly used by photographers to manipulate photos. Nowadays, photo software is packaged with new features and interesting tools that can completely transform the original images. The programs also offer free trials and provide instructions that are easy to comprehend.

There are basically two types of photo editing  software:

For Professionals:

This software is used by graphic designers, photographers and art directors working with magazines, electronic media companies, and newspapers. This photo software helps them in changing lighting effects, correcting errors and cropping etc.

For Beginners:

This software is used by amateurs who are new to editing or use this software as a hobby. It allows for simple tasks such as adding effects, borders, and frames. Many different types of photo editing software are available, all of which offer different features, some of the best photo editing softwares, are named below:

  • Corel Draw
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Photo Studio
  • Photo Explosion
  • Photo lightning

Advanced Editing Tools:

Some of the advanced editing tools for photo software are described below, these tools make  editing software more vulnerable:

  • Creative filters
  • Touch-up tools
  • Automatic Edit Options
  • Cloning tool
  • Panoramas
  • Highlights/Shadow Adjustment
  • Create HDR Images
  • Lens Distortion Correction
  • Vector Graphic Tools
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Batch Processing
  • Type Effect

photo software photo software Top Photo Softwares - Step By Step Guide About How to Use adobe photoshop cs6 beta 02

Photo Editing: What We Found?

Two important key components to look for in photo software include how easy the software is to use and how quickly it can perform all tasks. To test the efficiency of each software, we found control images and performed common tasks on them for example, cropping, resizing or adjusting the color of the photo. These things evaluate that how to use this software. The software workspace plays an important role in how quickly we found the editing material. Each program’s photo editing tools produced almost similar results.

Photo Software: What Programs Work for Whom?

Now we know numerous features and advantages that come with many photo editing programs. The type of software that works accurately for you depends on your individual needs that what you actually want. Some programs are designed for beginners, while others are for professionals. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there is a photo-editing program for you.

Best Advanced Photo Editors:

Advanced and professional photographers need photo editing software that offers efficient work and delivers high quality and better results. Advanced programs have a deep learning curve and deliver the best results. One of the best professional photo software options for advanced users is Corel Draw Pro X8. It offers professional features and a fast work flow.

Now I am going to explain some important features of photo software:

Editing features:

Such software offers features for changing, adding or improving your photos, such as removing red eye, taking care of light, adding stickers, making grids and adding filters of different colors.

Color Adjustments:

The color of images can be changed the variety of ways. Colors can be faded in and out, and color tones can be changed using tools. The color balance can be improved. Special effects, like gray scale and sepia tone, can be added to an image. In addition, many other procedures such as the mixing of color channels are possible by using more advanced graphics.

User Interface:

Many features available in most softwares, usage assumes good significance. The good photo  software offers a simple and easy user interface, easy to understand and access directions and Wizards for clarifying tasks such as correcting problems and more.

Automatic image enhancement:

Computer or camera image editing programs often offer basic automatic image enhancement features that correct color brightness and hue, as well as other image editing features, such as, sharpness adjustments, red-eye removal, zoom in and out features and automatic cropping.

Sharing tools:

This kind of photo software should provide efficient tools for calculating parameters such as image resolution and file size, and to enable sharing the stuff through various modes such as Email, print, web galleries, MMS and social media sites such as Picasa, Flickr, and Facebook.

Import/ Export functions:

The photo software should be capable enough of importing files of different formats into it, as well as converting them from one format to another before exporting.

Help and Support:

Help option, FAQs, and Email, chat and phone support menu, are an essential part of any good editing software. They guide and help users when something went wrong.

Turn your Photo into a Work of Art:

You can put your photos into templates, you can also turn on some of the special effects to create new designs. Some of the choices include water colors, pastel drawings, posters, impressionist,  and even make your  photo into a jigsaw puzzle. This photo editing software is fun for the whole family.

Save image:

This feature of photo software helps to save our work or images edited by us and the images directly gets stored in the gallery.

Importance of photo software:

Photo softwares are an important part of a photographer’s life. In this era of social networking and online marketing, this kind of software plays an immensely important role. It is not hard to guess why photos have become an important part of social media. Photos give a boost, whether they are part of a message, Facebook post or any web page. Photos and pictures used in marketing or promotion, give a clue to the kind of organization or person involved.


This photo software helps people in their work and some persons use this software to show creativity and innovation through editing their photos, whereas professional people use this software in electronic media companies, studios and in art galleries for making their work more professional and accurate. Different categories are present related to this software so that people can easily access this facility whenever they need.

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