Setting Camera before doing Photography

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Tips about Camera Setting:

Photography is one of the difficult tasks of this world which seem to be an easy work. It enhances its level of difficulty when it comes to taking pictures of a newborn baby or toddler, and even more when you are not a parent and are just hired to capture best photographs of baby, to help parents make an album of his pictures, which they might gift them on any of the baby’s birthday. Here are few of the tips which might be helpful but since every photographer has his own unique style so it may not be effective for everyone.

  1. Mode:

Every photo shoot requires a specific mode for capturing the perfect scenes. For capturing the perfect click of a baby, try using the macro mode. What it does is, it enhances the detail of a specific part in a picture. This can help you focus more on the cute, chubby baby body parts, which are the best part of the baby’s physique. These details are normally missed when you try to focus on specific part by zooming in. Using macro mode can help you in this regard.

  1. Level:

Babies are small and are most of the times lying on bed or floor unless they are picked by mothers in their lap or someone else. Try to get down on the baby’s level to capture the essence of the scene. These can be aided by using lens of different focal length and adjusting the other settings manually. These clicks give you the most perfect scene which shows that you have entered the brain of the baby to capture the specific scene.

  1. Closing-Up:

Closing up gives more detail to the photo and gives a better expression of the baby’s face as if they are happy or sad, excited or not. This can be achieved by bigger zoom capacity of a better lens.

  1. Flash:

Flash can sometimes aid you in capturing a good picture for the memory album. Normally flash washes out the natural color of the picture but using the flash in the bouncy flash mode works. What this does is, it reflects the flash from the background or the upper ceiling and it shows as the indirect light on the face of the baby.

  1. Timing:

The most important thing for the photo shoot of the baby is the  timing factor and trust me, this is the only factor which matters and dominates others. Keep noticing the smile of the baby or the sad expression on the face of the baby, since these are the expressions which make the babies look so cute. Another reason is that the babies are quite unpredictable and having a camera always in your reach will help you in this aspect. Try not to leave the camera in the cabinet or cupboard to capture only the formally dressed up pictures, but always in your access to have a better picture.

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