Remember these Facts before starting Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography:

Photography for Newborn is really excited and it comes in many surprising elements and the reward would be worth it. Unlike photography for elders, you can’t ask newborn to hold their pose in a certain way. Photography for the newborn is spontaneous and instantaneous if you miss a moment you don’t get it back. That’s why it requires special preparation and practices to capture beautiful moments.

Newborn in someone’s life is most precious and wonderful feeling that is beyond comparison. These baby days pass by so quickly, that’s why it is so important to capture beautiful details of these days of the newborn. So there are two options for that.

  • First is hiring a professional.
  • Secondly, parents can do it by themselves.

Parents want their child growth to be captured from the beginning in the form of the baby pictures. It is really special for the parents, so, here are some tips and ideas to make baby photos more cute and memorable. There are certain things that will help both parents and photographers in newborn photography.

The most important factor in newborn photography is the time period of the baby growth from their birth. It is not like one baby will be calmer and easier than another one but generally, it will become the determining factor which decides how the photography session goes. New babies have tendency to pose like bend up, sleepy and above all they don’t mind getting undressed.

Consider The Age of  The Newborn:

The age of newborn is determent factor in how is baby going to react and poses. The Newborn aged between two weeks will be sleepier and have a specific feeding pattern like in every two hours. They cuddle up and can dress up or undress more easily. The babies that age more than two weeks will be more active and their feeding pattern varies. The ideal time period for infant photography is five to ten days. But it is not a rule which had to be followed. You can do it anytime you want to.

Then here comes the two options, that is, from where are you getting these baby photos like in studio or in the house.

  • Photography in studio:

As we know that newborn aged between five to ten days tends to be calmer, sleepy and can be posed easily. So it would be feasible to do the photography in the studio. You can add more cuteness in photos by having beautiful blankets, hats, headbands etc. This will approximately take four to six hours but as long as baby is comfortable with this.

  • Photography in house:

The essence of the in-house photography is to capture the feeling of love and care between parents and newborn. There will be lots of moments that will make you smile like new born in mother’s arms smiling; the father holding a baby’s hand and much more. The poses will be more natural and personalized. This sort of photography is suitable for newborn aged above the two weeks. This will take less time than the studio and baby will be more comfortable.


Keep Everything Ready :

If you don’t want to miss any special moment and pose of the newborn, you have to get everything ready and gear running smoothly. You need to prep for the photography session in advance; it is same as you do for wedding photography. And also we don’t have the machine memory. I know what would help in this prep–a checklist. The checklist will contain the information about everything you need and you can cross off the item from the list after checking it. You should pack everything a night before the photography session.

Always Pack The Backup Camera:

In order to avoid any unwanted and unpleasant situation, in case the camera is not working, pack the backup camera. The backup camera will provide the protection against any of these situations.  Especially, it is important in newborn photography because it is very spontaneous and if you miss the moment, you don’t get it back. This is a very useful newborn photography tip for professionals because it will create the good impression on clients.

Let The Baby Move:

The wonderful idea for baby photography is to let them move and do not confine their movement. Babies tend to do the most adorable things like yawning, stretching and smiling while sleeping. Baby photos having bath will provide a great opportunity for you to capture their natural expressions. There will surely a lot of expressions you don’t want to miss. These movements give you the great natural poses to capture and inject the variety into the newborn photography.

Close Up Details Shot:

You know what will make the most adorable shots of newborn–the close-up shots. The newborn has the most beautiful tiny feet, hands, ears etc. This is probably the most important newborn photography idea to capture the close-up of baby’s feet, tiny toes, tiny fingers, pout lips and ears, headband, different hand movements, baby’s chin and my favorite baby’ eyes while sleeping. These close-up photos are not only cute and make you fall in love but they are special complementary shots for album books. These shots should be on everyone “to do” list.

Newborn Photography  Remember these Facts before starting Newborn Photography u

Take Shots With Newborn Siblings:

If there are older siblings of the newborn then you should photo shoot them together. This will give you the opportunity to capture the special bond between siblings and you can get them to do various poses as well. For an instant all siblings are lying down in the order of their age, older child carrying a newborn in arms, siblings cuddling, and siblings kissing the newborn etc. This will be a great fun and cute addition to the newborn photography.

Newborn Photography  Remember these Facts before starting Newborn Photography kiGet Mom And Dad Into The Shot:

There is no one in the entire world who can love the child more than a mother. Being a mom is a tough job, mothers do the hardest stuff and even harder with the newborn. So, who deserves to be shot with newborn other than a mother? You should encourage the mother to face the camera because mothers tend to avoid the camera.

You should be polite and gentle about this; they might still be recovering from the surgery. Getting a mother into the photo will make the treasures photo which she and the baby will cherish years from now. Same goes with fathers and dads with their newborn will make the precious photos. All you have to do is be creative and imaginative with these photos.

Have Fun With Baby Props:

Baby props will add the element of fun, colors, and cuteness into the photographs of the newborn. Most of the time, the photographer brings props for the photo session but these props need to be safe for baby and approved by parents. Parents can add their own special props like a special blanket or the woolly hat knitted by mother/grandmother.

These props can be customized according to the client’s requirements and expectations. The most trendy baby props used in newborn photography are the baby pillow, knit wraps, baby blanket, angel’s wings, wood nest, faux furs, swaddle sacks, baby hats, baby bowls, headbands, diaper cover, stork sack etc.

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Top Priority Is New Born Safety :

For any photography shot, the top priority is a newborn safety and it always should be. Before starting the photo session, you should make sure that every precaution measure is in place. Keep the baby safe in every condition and all the times should be number one on your list. You should take special precautions every time you are handling the baby and here are some guidelines for you related to newborn safety:

  • Never leave the baby alone, not in any condition. This will prove to be the worst mistake of your life when you take your eyes off of the baby. You can ask the parents or your assistant to be with the baby.
  • Do not wear any sharp jewelry like earring, rings, bracelet with the small ornament that might fall off.
  • When you are taking an above shot always have a neck strap for a camera.
  • Keep your hand sanitized on the continuous basis.
  • Keep your nails smoothly filed to avoid scratching the newborn skin.
  • Keep the babies warm by regulating the heat but don’t put the baby near the heater.

One thing that you should remember for newborn photography is always flexible, open-minded and patient. It is because a newborn is like a boss you can’t order the boss to do stuff but run along with him. If a baby is not sleeping regardless of what you do then it doesn’t mean you have to stop the photography session and end it. You should keep shooting different shots while the baby is awake. And get more natural poses as you can; be more creative, adventurous and open to new ideas. The more open you are to the surprises, the best results of the shot you will get.  I know it is not an easy task but I can assure you, it will be the most adorable and funky stuff.

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