6 photography techniques to improve your Photo

photography techniques

Photography Techniques:

The photography is a widespread profession and many people take it is a hobby as well. But photography is challenging and bit hard to navigate. The use of decent equipment and little bit thinking before shooting will create the extraordinary results. So here are some photography techniques you can use to learn about photography and apply it to make your photography exciting.

Apply Photography Composition Rule:

The photography composition rules will help you turn the most ordinary photos into the extraordinary shots. Apply some of the rules like the rule of thirds to place your subject into the right position to get the image impact enhanced.

According to this rule, you should visualize the scene into nine segments with two verticals and horizontals lines. And place the subject where these lines cross each other.

These rules will also help you in balancing the scene, subject placement, lighting, patterns, outlines and framing the photographs.

DIY Lighting equipment:

This photography technique will help you get the desired image quality with the better use of light. There are various lighting equipment available at your disposal like the camera flash, strobe light, lighting umbrellas, reflectors etc.

With the use of the lighting equipment, you can create your own for indoor shooting. The natural light is available for outdoor photography but you can add your own light for better photography results.

DIY Lighting equipment photography techniques 6 photography techniques to improve your Photo diy product lighting

Use The Background Light:

The use of background light will help you capture the shapes, patterns, natural outlines and textures of the subject. Most of the time, front light makes the subject looks flat and charm of the photograph is lost in the process. This technique is certainly applicable in food photography and photography of small things.

Keep The ISO Lower:

The higher ISO will result in high exposure but overall reduced image quality. This is because the high ISO makes the digital noise or grains. The lower ISO will give you clear and enhanced image quality because of less noise and grain. But it all depends on the photography project requirement. Because in the end, you have to choose between exposure and grains, what do you want more?

photography technique s photography techniques 6 photography techniques to improve your Photo ISO

Combine The Lines And Patterns:

In order to add some dramatic touch and to enhance the quality of an image, lines and patterns are perfect. The lines and patterns vary in shape or size. So, give you a great variety to choose the different line and pattern as per your photography requirement.

To get a stronger feel you can use the verticals and horizontal lines. Curvy lines will add a more relax feel. Combining the lines and patterns transform your photography and add the depth into an image. These patterns are everywhere like the wall of bricks, trees on side roads etc. All you need to do is to look closer.

Use The Natural Frames:

The Mother Nature provides you many natural frames for your photographs like the trees, Pond, Lake Etc.  Instead of including the frames in post processing of the image; you can use the natural frames in scenes. This will not only broaden your photography visual but balance the weight of scene too.

Here are some photography techniques, to change your viewpoint to visualize the world and add the uniqueness in your photography.

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