Top 7 rules of Photography Composition

photography composition

Photography Composition:

The best thing about the photography is that there are no hard and fast rules to follow. But there are various customary composition guidelines for photography. In order to get the beautiful, clear and enhance the impact of the photograph, these guidelines definitely help photographers to get the enhanced image quality. These composition guidelines are universal in nature; it means they can be applied to any sort of photography. So here we will develop the good sense about photography compositions and will learn some tips and tricks to get you started.

Look For Symmetry And Outlines :

Our surroundings are filled with natural or man-made symmetry and outlines that give the definite structure to things. To get the eye grasping and more focused compositions, these outlines, and symmetric patterns will prove to be a great help. You can break these patterns in some way to introduce some tension and divert the focus of the scene.

Follow The Rule Of Thirds:

In order to understand the rule of thirds, first, try to imagine the photo scene divided into nine equal squares by two vertical and horizontal lines. According to the rule of thirds, you should place the most important elements or subject to the point where these lines intersect. This rule of compositions will add balance, curiosity, and attention to the image.

Balance The Weight/Elements In Scene:

In order to develop the interest in the ordinary photograph, you should place the photography subject off center. The rule of third will help you place the subject off center, just place it where lines meet. But placing the subject off-center will create some empty space in the scene. To fill up this space, you can use the objects of less importance to balance out the weight in the scene. Just be careful in selecting objects because these objects should not take the focus away from the subject.

photography composition photography composition Top 7 rules of Photography Composition pp

Consider The Viewpoint:

Before taking the photographs, consider the viewpoint means where will you shoot your subject. This has an immense impact on the photography composition. Because it affects the message you want to convey through your photography. You should try to shoot from the above, below, by side, ground level, close up or the long way to get a enhance the overall impact of the image.

Develop The Sense Of Depth:

In order to convey the depth of the actual scene, photography composition plays an important role. To get the desired depth in the image you should place the objects in the forefront, background or middle ground.

Look Out For Leading Lines:

When we take a look at images, our eyes naturally draw the lines, known as leading lines. These lines in photography composition will affect the viewpoint of an image. You can use the different forms of lines like straight, zigzag, diagonal or curvy lines to get enhanced image result.

Look For Photography Backgrounds:

Photography backgrounds are important in photography composition. Because these backgrounds constitute the major portion of the scene and add the element of distraction in the photograph. The plain and bland backgrounds will shift the focus toward the subject.

Here at the end of our journey of photography composition, we learned about what it means and how we can use it in our favor.


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