Photography Composition – The art of capturing

Photography composition:

Photography is the sum of colors, visuals, and perceptions with the help of creativity. Photography is an art without any rules and regulations. It can go to all extremes but still, has to follow certain guidelines that can make the clicks a perfect experience. These guidelines have to be applied in all related circumstances so that the visual captured appears in an impressive way. In order to click a grasping picture through the lens of your camera, one thing that is essential and integral is the photography composition. The term refers to the art of guiding the vision of the observer in such a way that he observes the integral parts of the photograph clearly. It is because of the photography composition that the most boring and none appealing subjects appear classy and outstanding. It is the composition that can make or destroy the whole image of the click no matter how sophisticated camera you used. There are numerous techniques and tips of composition that can safe your image from being destroyed.

If you have a passion for photography and you want to capture the most beautiful things with your camera you must first learn few things about photography composition , in the most impressive way then start working on your composition skills. Help your viewer see what actually you saw and appreciated. Once you get hold of this technique, you will observe that your photographs look different too. With the following composition techniques, you will create the amazing experiences for yourself and for your viewers. Just read the photography composition guidelines below and find the difference in the pictures you click through the lens:

Some basic elements of the photography composition are listed below.

photography composition  Photography Composition - The art of capturing photography composition

Elements of Photography Composition:

Apply the rule of thirds:

Think of an image that is split into 9 equal portions with the help of 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines. Apply the rule of thirds which states that the most significant features of the subject must be adjusted along the stated lines or at the points of intersection of this line. This will make the image look balanced and interesting. In some recent cameras, there is an option in which the grids related to the rule of third appears on the LCD screen of the camera, which makes it convenient to perform the rule of thirds.

Creating balance in the elements:

If you place the central subject away from the center according to the rule of thirds, then the result is an interesting photograph. Placing your main subject off-centre, as with the rule of thirds, creates a more interesting photo. Despite the special look, it has there is still a feeling of lacking in the image that makes the image look empty. This emptiness can be filled by adding another subject from the surroundings that is not significantly important.

Creating the lead lines:

Whatever we see around us, we see it with the visionary lines that are naturally created along our vision. The lines can be adjusted in the composition also. These lines no doubt are going to have an impact upon the photography composition also. These lines can be linear, straight, diagonal, curved, wavy and in zig zag order. Each of these lines can be used to create amazing effects on the composition.

Use of symmetry and the patterns:

Whatever we see and visualize has symmetry and the patterns. In some cases, they occur naturally and in the others, they can be manmade. They give an extraordinary look to the images which cannot be expected in the case of the simple images. These symmetries and patterns are useful in removing the extra unwanted features and adding the tension and focal point to the image.

photography compositon miami-beach-sand-2  Photography Composition - The art of capturing miami beach sand 2Image capturing perspective:

Every single shot of the photo has something to tell about. Thus, before capturing the subject it is important to know that where will it be captured? This is called perspective or viewpoint that greatly leaves an impact upon the final image. This not only includes capturing the moments from the eye level but encourages shooting the subject from various angles. The subject can be captured from the height, depth, sideways, but getting closer and much more. The unusual viewpoints can make a photo look abstract.



It is easy to see the things with your eyes. The beauty of a subject scene can be influenced by what exists as the background. The scene fascinating the natural vision with its background or foreground might not look equally attractive through the eye of the camera. To overcome this flat, dull imaging try to get a background that is comparatively plain and unobtrusive. In such backgrounds, the images are adjusted in such a way that that the image does not detract the viewer away from the subject.

Introducing the depth:

Unlike the three dimensional natural vision, photography is two dimensional. Thus, whatever composition we decide for must be representative of the real depth of the scene. The objects in the background, middle ground or the fore ground are really helpful in making the image look deep and attractive. The overlapping technique can also be a real treat for your images. In this technique there is deliberate effort to make one object get obscure with the other. The human eye naturally does this by differentiating the different layers and then by separating them mentally.

Adding the frames:

Several natural structures work as a frame for images. The mountains, trees, holes, etc are a great addition to the image to make the frames. If they are placed around the image that is captured it is easy to bring the subject to isolation from rest of the world around it. By adding frames the attention is diverted towards the main subject.

Photography composition is a real work of creativity. It comes from the skill and the art within the individuals. The photographer has a natural instinct of admiration for the people places and nature. This admiration can become a great experience for the viewers of his photographs also. This can happen only when he uses the best composition.

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