Photography Art – The journey begins

photography art

Photography Journey:

The journey of the photography began as a hobby, but gradually it developed as a passion and a profession for many people on the globe. It was loved by many as a hobby but it seemed a real tough job to follow it as it was considered very expensive. Over the last few years, with the evolution of smart phones and other handy gadgets it has become much easier and convenient to capture the memorable moments through the photography art. The modern trends in the photography have not just made photography fun but a really creative field that allows the photographer to click, edit and save the photograph as he likes.

The digital innovations have made the photography art a great world of memories. The photographs freeze the memorable events the way you want to cherish them for always. They are not just the visuals, but in fact the silent narrators of your story. Thus, they can help you relive the memories anytime you want.  No matter what mode of photography you choose, either it is traditional or the digital it would mean a great deal for you.

Significance of capturing:

Photographs leave a nostalgic impact. It is easy to create the chronicles of the life through the creative viewing.  They are the silent stories of anyone’s happy moments, sad memories, fascinations, achievements, legacies, and much more. These are like the footprints left behind in the journey of life. Anyone can follow these prints to learn the truth behind the life. The photographs are like a chest of memories that can be opened anytime in the future to enjoy the past.

What is photography:

Photography is considered as both science and the art. It is the creativity that makes it a real art and the processes that make it fall under the category of science. It is the phenomenon of capturing the real life subjects through the lens of a camera, which is further moved on to the film or the digital device and then is retained and enjoyed whenever desired.  The process involves the laws of light and the camera works more on the principle of the human eye. The word “photography” has Greek roots, which means creating figures and images with the light.

Photography procedure:

The real life subject is viewed through the lens. The light coming from the object then passes through the lens and following the certain scientific laws of reflection of light a great image can be seen generated on the photographic film. The traditional cameras have been replaced by the digital technology. Here the photograph is not transferred on the film but instead it is saved on the digital device. In traditional cameras the photographs were transferred on a film as a negative, which was later developed with the help of certain chemicals into a print. The photographs can be altered in size too.

Application of the photography:

Photography art is not just limited to the capturing of the images related to life; it has much wider and broader application. It is used in the fields of science, production, education and much more. It is also an essential tool to be used as the basics of film production, etc. It is a great means of recreation. It is gaining equal significance as a hobby. Photography is integral to the mass communication also. No news seems complete without a proper illustration. Thus, photography is the manifestation of the creativity that finds its foundation in the sense of sight and vision.

Photography Fine art is a very elaborate and extensive kind of art. The photographs can be in different forms and types but the goal is the same, to capture the real through the lens. Photography art is a real memory keeping device.

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