Photography and Art- A Guide to understand the relationship

photography and art

Defining Art:

Photography and art enjoy a strong relationship.  They go hand in hand with each other. In order to understand the bridge that connects photography and arts it seems essential to learn the concept of art. Art is a broad term. It not just refers to the paints, colors, brushes and sculptures. It encompasses much more. It defines and describes the nature and kinds of human activities that make up the life. It is the skill to understand the world around us. It is the strength to appreciate the beauty and spiritual power of nature around us. The art is the integrated sum of the creation of works of art, the critical appreciation of art, the evolution of art, and the promotion of art.

The evolution of arts:

The history of arts is as old as the history of the humanity. It has always been a source or agent of expressing the feelings and emotions. The early man used the stones and wood to draw the images of the things that existed around him. It is through these remains that even today we can learn about the old times. The same artistic activities developed into several other forms like painting, printing, sculpture, and other modes related to the human activities. As the people started improving their living areas, more attention was given to the buildings and therefore architecture evolved as one of the school of thought in the world of art. It was defined as the kind of visual art. The other emerging fields of art are interior decoration, marketing and advertising. The growth of arts was also defined by the attitude of appreciation for the performing arts like music, dance, writing and much more. As the media developed film, theater, television were added to the list of arts. Innovations and the intellectual growth also introduced photography as a field of arts too.  It was not until the 17th century that arts were separated as a skill from the sciences. It was because of the aesthetic appreciation by the people that forced this separation to happen.  Arts that was just a hobby once got the status of academic qualification too. Degrees were introduced in many fields so that the young lovers of arts can really flourish in the world of arts.

Characteristics of arts:

Arts is a great integration of reality with words, feelings, and inner human traits. In different ages of history the qualities of art varied according to the need of time. The Roman period, for example, is marked with the inclination towards the religion and the science. Today, art talks more about realism, technology, and not that much about the dreamy aspect of life. Although it is difficult to give a proper definition of arts in the light of its characteristics, yet it cannot be confined to a single trait or characteristic. Generally, it can be summarized as the product of human imagination and creativity. Thus, the major agent in the field of arts is none other than human being itself. In the light of all these qualities and the human passion for the change photography and art have bonded together very well.


Art and Photography have made a long journey together and in this journey they have visualized the human activities together. The academic institutes have also developed the harmony between photography and art to develop it as a strong field of study.

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