Best Modern Portrait Photographers In The World

creative portrait photographs portrait photographers Best Modern Portrait Photographers In The World creative portrait photographs

Capturing portrait photographs may be thought to be an effortless thing that can be done instantly but in fact it requires endeavor in order to capture the real emotions at right moment, display personality and mood in your photographs. Here we present to you the 10 best portrait photographers in the world based on their creativity, experience and stunning work.

  1. David Lazar

David Lazar  who is not just a photographer but also a composer, performer and music teacher, travels around the world for capturing beauty, cultures, people and moments that is why he is well known as a travel photographer who specializes in portrait and landscape photography. His work has appeared in different travel and photography magazines.


  1. Sam – France

Sam, the owner of Portraits by Sam, is one of the best portrait photographers of France focusing on capturing natural looking photographs of families, children, newborns and couples. He also aims to train people about Portrait Photography through workshops.

  1. Dani Diamond – United States
    A portrait, commercial and fashion photographer who can be found in different fields such as advertising, fashion and portraiture. He tries to help other photographers to take their work to a higher level.portrait photographs portrait photographers Best Modern Portrait Photographers In The World portrait photographs


  1. Joel Santos – Portugal

A portrait and landscape photographer whose work has been internationally featured. Joel Santos is also an author of five books and worked before as an Editor in Chief of a best-selling photo magazine. Joel has received several awards and runs trips and photography workshops.


  1. Albert Watson – Scotland

Albert Watson is a famous fashion, portrait and commercial photographer having above forty years’ experience. His work has appeared in museum and gallery shows, on over 250 covers of Vogue in addition to other publications such as Vibe, Time and Rolling Stone. He photographed many celebrities including actors, rappers, rock stars and even royal families.


  1. Lee Jeffries – United Kingdom

Lee Jeffries is one of the best portrait photographers in the world not just because he is a creative person who captures amazing photographs, but because he captures his photographs for a unique purpose. The photographs of Lee Jeffries focus more on those homeless people who are really poor and do not find anyone to care about them. His goal is to draw attention to those homeless people and raise funds for helping them.


  1. Michael Woloszynowicz – Canada

He is a portrait, fashion and beauty photographer working in Toronto, Canada. His work has internationally appeared in several fashion and photography publications. Michael is also an instructor and provides a set of free tutorials for others on his youtube channel and also offers private training sessions.


  1. Jimmy Nelson – United Kingdom
    He is over 28 years’ experienced commercial and portrait photographer who travels to different countries and focuses more on indigenous and distinctive cultures. He uses his camera to build friendships with unknown communities and to discover more about them and their lives before they pass away or change. The photographs that are captured by Jimmy Nelson help us to increase awareness and discover more secrets about other cultures, customs and traditions.portrait photographers portrait photographers Best Modern Portrait Photographers In The World man people office writing photographs 1


  1. Maja Topčagić – Bosnia and Herzegovina

She is really one of the best and most professional portrait photographers because of her ability to make use of the contiguous beauty of nature to create the most astounding photos. She finds inspiration in everything around her. What she uses to capture her stunning portraits includes her camera, tripod, remote control, natural lighting and a portable aluminum reflector that is sometimes used. She captures photographs for mathematical description of surroundings and her own thoughts with lots of retouching and editing.


1, Réhahn – France 

Réhahn is widely known as one of the best portrait photographers’ taking Portrait Photography to a new level. He opt those distant places to discover more about novel cultures. The main grounds behind his achievements are capturing photographs randomly focusing on the most innate.

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