Jaw Dropping Portrait Photography Made Easier

Stunning portraits are fun and exciting to look at, especially when they consist of cherished loved friends and families. To take that memorable shot a fancy new camera or expensive light equipment is not needed necessarily. Anyone can do it; it is as simple as cutting a cake. With experts suggestions on the different styles, poses tip and tricks, jaw dropping Portrait Photography is made easier. All it takes is a little wild imagination along with a little skill of the craft that gets you that perfect shot to be cherished all life.

Different Styles to Choose From:

Experts all around the world state that there are nine fundamental styles for Portrait Photography. Many styles call for different techniques and features that have to be closely monitored when trying to capture those styles perfectly on to a photograph. Portrait Photography can be subjected to different categories, it is crucial for the photographer to be able to identify separate styles. Being able to do help to organize work properly.

The first style is the basic “Traditional or Classic portrait” shot, for this the face of the person should be prominent. The subject is expected to look directly at the camera. No or minimum shadow should lie upon the face. This kind of style is mostly referred to as a head shot or a mid shot. Next is the “Environmental Portrait”. This is a reference to an image where the subject is photographed in person’s natural environment. For example, a chef photographed in the kitchen, teacher in the classroom, an artist at the art studio and so on. Surroundings are used to compliment the subject and to emphasize his character.

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A “Candid portrait” is more like a “Traditional portrait” except the subject is not aware and poses naturally for the photograph. A “Glamour portrait” is that style in which sexual features are more highlighted, fashion photography is a glamour portrait of the model, and this is a more professional style of photography that calls for extensive light equipment and state of the art cameras.

Next comes the “Lifestyle Portrait” this refers to the style in which the subject’s life style is depicted. Technically it is a combination of environmental portrait and candid portrait. More interest is given express the feeling of life experience of the subject. This Style has numerous implications in commercial and fine art photography.

Another creative style of Portrait Photography is “Surreal Portraits”. This style is aimed at expressing imaginative dreams and visions free from conscious rational control. Surreal Portraits are created to emphasize the other reality. It is a depiction of a photographer’s interpreted subconscious mind.

The second last style on this list is “Conceptual Portrait”. In this style the photographer tries to add a fourth dimension to the picture, almost like a subliminal message within. This always gets the viewer to keep wondering what the photograph meant. It is the job of the viewer to make up what these pictures mean to them.

The last style is known as “Abstract portrait”. In this style the photographer uses the language of art, shapes colors and lines to compose a photograph. They are created with a purpose of creating art and not based on realistic representation of the subject shot.

Tips from leading Experts:

Many expert photographers suggest the following tips when capturing portrait photos. They start by suggesting that, always shoot a subject from eye level. Like when shooting photos of kids and children it’s better to crouch down to their level and snap them. These provide a better result than a picture caught from an upper angle.

When framing the subject it is crucial to leave a little look room towards where the subject is looking. This assures a well balance frame and a better looking picture. Also keep in mind that portrait photography does not necessarily require expensive lighting. Normal lighting is just fine; window light is much better because the light through a window is soft and diffused. Have your subject placed in front of a window, play with the angles and a spectacular result is sure to come when your portrait composition is much stronger and interesting.

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While when shooting during a hot day, have the subject face away from the sun, mostly this is done wrong by many beginners mostly photographers do position the subject facing towards the sun so that any unwanted shadows would disappear. The trick for better photos here is to face away from the sun, position the subjects face in the shade and then over expose the picture so that the face brightens up.

Never use wide angle lenses for portrait photography. Shooting portraits with a wide lens can cause serious issues, this is a very advance technique to follow and is not recommended for beginners, a wide lens will simply distort facial features of the subject and that is not a cool thing when shooting portrait photographs. Also when capturing a group portrait it is better to fully focus on the person nearest to the camera.

Good portraits are sharp looking portraits. Check for sharpness on the eyelashes of the subject. When in doubt about the focus, zoom in onto the eyelashes if u see individual eye lashes then that means your shot is fully focused and sharp ready to be captured. Also people who tend to have a long nose should mostly be looking toward the camera; this minimizes the distracting look of a long nose, shoot the subject at eye level with the head slightly tilted up. This helps to cover up the flaw.

In the end almost all the photographer who is skillful in this occupation state that photography has no distinct rules, anyone can do anything; all that is needed is some creative imagination to spark up a mountain of ideas. Experimentation is the key to discovering new surprising thing that your camera can do and when all these are combined, best result for your portrait photography are guaranteed.

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