8 Cutest Ideas For A Child Portrait Photographer

child portrait photographer Child portrait photographers 8 Cutest Ideas For A Child Portrait Photographer Child Portrait Photographer
Child portrait photographers have a really fun job to do! Working with clients who are kids is an amusement in itself; their silly questions, adorable poses, moody tantrums and the happiness that spreads across their face when they see their pictures is irreplaceable. To make a shoot session more enjoyable for the kids as well as yourself, you could use these ideas:

  1. Bubbles: Well who doesn’t love bubbles? Every kid on the block is amused by bubbles and by playing around them, popping them and running after them. For a photographer, they can be quite a background! You will only need a bubble syrup mix available anywhere, and the child can blow bubbles and enjoy as you snap pictures. Not only does it look good in the photos but the genuine happiness of the child is portrayed perfectly.
  1. Mirrors: Oh kids love to experiment in front of a mirror, especially if it’s a girl. Add a mirror to your setting and throw in some props for good measure. Let the kid use the props and pose in front of the mirror while the portrait photographer takes some really classy shots.
  2. Blanket or Quilt: if the photographer is up for a winter session, nothing could do it better than a blanket. Remember making fortresses out of blankets in our childhood? Well, these kids will love it too. Imagine the adorable poses they’ll make while snuggling in colorful quilts! It’s a child portrait photographer’s dream come true.
  3. Balloons: This’ll be quite the party for children. Balloons are an all-time favorite and since they come in every color possible, you can choose the ones suited exactly to your photo’s themes. Maybe pink for a baby girl or a mix pallet for the naughty twin boys?tips-for-child-portrait-photographer Child portrait photographers 8 Cutest Ideas For A Child Portrait Photographer tips for Child Portrait Photographer
  4. Books: Got a child who’s a little serious and not too mischievous? Add story books to your setting. Portrait Photography gains a notch when the child is sincerely happy in what he’s doing, and if he likes to read why not capture the shots in his own comfort zone?
  5. Adored toys: Nothing makes a child happier than his toys and every child has a favorite stuffed animal or action figure. If they want to bring it along, let them do so because that way not only shall they be comfortable and not intimidated, but they’ll also open up to you easily.
  6. Tea Party: this one’s for the girls; if you arrange a little tea party setting with stuffed bears, Barbie dolls, and other toys as guests, you’ll be surprised to see how the child will immediately befriend you. And if the client and the portrait photographer are in good relation, then the pictures will also be wonderful.
  7. Fairy lights: If the child is a little older and is going through the phase where they no longer want to be associated with stuffed toys or balloons, you can add fairy lights. They add a very beautiful touch to photos, all the while keeping the child satisfied.child-portrait-photography-tips Child portrait photographers 8 Cutest Ideas For A Child Portrait Photographer Child Portrait Photography tips

So these were some fun ways to prep up a shoot!

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