How Not To Be A Famous Portrait Photographer

portrait photographer portrait photographer How Not To Be A Famous Portrait Photographer portrait photographer
Being a famous portrait photographer may look fascinating to the onlookers but being one takes some serious effort! While that world is glamorous, reaching that level is quite challenging. Many a times, an amateur begins to gain momentum in the game, but by doing one or more silly mistakes, he plunges his career down the drain. There are some evident things that you must not do if you’re perusing a career as a professional photographer:

  1. Being a smarty-pants: if you assume that you know everything you need to know about being a famous portrait photographer, you are so wrong. When you achieve that attitude you also assume the nature of arrogance. This is the first step where you go entirely wrong! Please remember that whoever you are as a person, you can learn something new from everyone and everything. Even a homeless beggar can give you a lesson!
  2. Jack of all; master of none: Never be that photographer, who does all sorts of photography, it can never make you successful. Yes, at first it seems like a probable option to click all sorts of poses, locations and genres but overtime you lose the charm. To maintain your name in the industry you need a signature style. Do not waste your energies in all sorts of photography; direct yourself towards a few niches that you are perfect in!
  3. Never talk crap about others: the first rule of famous photography is that you’re humble. People will love you more if you have a modest nature, instead of being an arrogant snob. If you talk garbage about your rivals, you’re probably doing them a favor! Not only are you advertising them in your haughtiness, you’re also making a rotten impression on your customers about who you are as a person. Make your own name, do not let others down as a portrait photographer.professional-portrait-photographer portrait photographer How Not To Be A Famous Portrait Photographer professional portrait photographer
  4. Giving quantity importance: What amuses a person initially is to take 100 photos of a client all of which are pretty normal. On the contrary, if you take 20 photos but all of them mind-blowing, then you’ll make an impression! This will ensure that people start recognizing your working style and are mesmerized by your shots instead of passing you off as another ‘everyday’ photographer.
  5. Not listening to clients: customers could make or break you. If you’re one of those people who believe that just doing what you want, and resisting the opinion of customers makes you a famous photographer, then you won’t go far. They have trusted you, and it’s your job to make them feel comfortable and significant. On the same page, never take too long to respond to work queries, calls or messages. If your customers have to wait too long for your to answer, they will probably find another photographer in the time you spent sleeping.

portrait-photography portrait photographer How Not To Be A Famous Portrait Photographer portrait photography
In conclusion, to be a famous portrait photographer you also need to be a good human being. Keep some tricks up your sleeve to shine bright amongst everyone else!

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