Wildlife Photography Guide – Tricks That Will Aid You Right Now

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography Guide:

Wildlife photography is the type of photography in which different animals and wildlife are being captured in their natural habitat. It is about shooting the wild animals and non-domestic animals in their most natural environment. The it main idea is documenting the animal’s certain and unusual behaviors. Therefore, a photographer needs to know better about the animal’s behavior, in order to predict their actions.

The photography gives you the opportunity to capture and store the precious and beautiful moments. Photography can be classified into many genres with respect to their subjects and topics. Each category contains its own specific style, but basics of photography remain the same.

Wildlife photography is not only important because of its artistic point of view, but also for its scientific significance as well. It gives the opportunity to scientists who observe the animal behavior to gather data, facts and figures for their research.

History Of Wildlife Photography:

Wildlife photography got popular and become a famous profession of photography in 1906. It is when National Geographic published the first wildlife photos. Before that, it was difficult to become a wildlife photographer, because of low sensitive media and slow lenses.

These photographs belonged to US representative from Pennsylvania named George Shiras III. He took some of the photos with the first wire tripped camera traps.

Skill Needed For Wildlife Photography:

Wildlife photography is more challenging and difficult job. So, wildlife photographer needs to possess some certain skills and qualities to get everything right.

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Field Craft Skills:

To become a wildlife photographer, a photographer needs to be good at field craft skills. In wildlife photography, a photographer needs to have a comprehensive set of field craft skills to expose and capture the subject correctly.

Camouflage Skills:

Camouflage skills are important to blend in the environment perfectly, in order to get close to the animals without drawing any attention. These skills also help the photographers survive in the most dangerous situation and near the predators while shooting.

Technical Skills:

In technical skills, the photographer needs to be good at basics of photography. Because the weather and lighting conditions in wildlife photography are not always in favor of getting the perfect and extraordinary photographs. So, using the right camera mode and settings is important in capturing the right moment at a right time.

Survival Skills:

Survival skills are probably the most important for a wildlife photographer. The reason is that a photographer will face the toughest and the most extreme conditions or situations in shooting wildlife. These conditions can be varied from desert to Savanna to rain forest to and glaciers to the Atlantic Ocean. So, having the survival will guarantee the photographer’s survival and keep him/her alive.

Wildlife Photography Equipment:

Like any other photography, you need all basic photography equipment. But in order to shoot some specific wildlife forms, some specialist equipment will be required to get detail shots and extraordinary photographs.

You will need macro lenses to shoot insects to get close up and detail photograph. Longer focal length lenses are used for capturing birds and to shoot marine life underwater camera is needed.

A Binocular is a wildlife photographer’s best friend because it helps in tracking and observing the animals from the safe distance.

Tips For Wildlife Photography:

Wildlife photography is a hard job to command. But, here are some easy and simple tips to help you improve your photography skills and get you going on your wildlife photography journey.

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    Know The Geography

In order to start your wildlife photography journey, you should know or learn the geography of the shooting location. In case you got lost or missing, it will help you with directions and lead you back on track. Knowing geography is essential in photography of wildlife because wildlife photographer doesn’t shoot in indoor studios or artificial outdoor location. They go to the most remote and difficult locations to shoot.

  1. Get To Know The Subject

It is really important that photographer should know about the photographic subject before shooting it. The reason is that a wildlife photographer deals with wild animal and cannot control their actions. So, it is necessary to learn about these animals to predict their behavior. It will help you to keep yourself safe and avoid any unpleasant and dangerous situation. It will also help in knowing about: how you should behave around those animals.

  1. Know Your Camera

Before you start shooting or planning the shooting, the most important tip is to get to know the camera. The camera settings are important because, the shutter speed, ISO setting and lens stabilizations will decide how the photograph turns out to be. It will help you in getting the necessary adjustments to set the focus and exposure of the camera. In order to get the desired depth and add natural frame into the image, this tip will prove to be a great help.

  1. Be Patience

Patience is the one of the basic requirements to be a wildlife photographer. Because the wild animals are difficult to find and you may have to wait for endless hours. In this field, anything can happen at any time because the nature of these animals is unpredictable. It is a difficult task, but yet very rewarding.

  1. Good Observation Is The Necessary Condition

Being a good observer is the necessary condition in wildlife photography. As you constantly need to be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on any moment around you. This is both exciting and dangerous jobs. The observation will help you get caught the unique and unexpected moments.

Concluding Note:

Wildlife photography brings the photographers very close to nature. And make them realize how powerful nature is. It also articulates them about their helplessness against nature. It is the most difficult in the sense, that most of the wildlife or animals have their natural camouflages like fur, shells, etc which makes it hard to see them with naked eyes. But it rewards in the form of most amazing photographs that inspire many people to get to know the wildlife better.

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