Glamour Photography – An Ultimate Guide That Will Make You A Pro Now

glamour photography

What is Glamour photography?

Glamour photography is often misinterpreted and criticized for being too erotic or nude. Because the first thought that comes to everyone’s mind about glamour is: something very glossy or over exposed. So, the first thing we will do is to try to understand what glamour is and what does it means.

Glamour is a noun which means the quality of being fascinating, appealing and attracting with the help of charming and good looks. The glamour is known for its elements like full of excitement, adventure, fun activities and above all explorer.

Glamour Definition:

It is often related to magic, spells or an enchantment. Now with the help of glamour definition, we can easily perceive what it’s about.

Glamour photography is defined as a type of photography which focuses on models as the main subject and highlights the model’s beautiful natural features in very flattering, attractive and charming way.  Models are exposed in the most artistic way which exhibits the photographer’s vision.

In this sort of photography, the human form is portrayed in most sensual, attractive, appealing and artistic way with the use of various artistic and stylish techniques. The main idea is to highlight the model and attract all attention towards the model. If it’s a female model, then it focuses on bringing out and dominating the femininity of the woman and vice versa with male models.

Dissimilarity Between The Fashion, Glamour And Beauty Photography:

When, you hear about the fashion, glamour and beauty photography, they all sound awfully similar. Also, it is a common misconception that these three are same or alternatively used for the same type of photography. There aren’t any defining border lines to differentiate but, let me tell you, these three types are different and have their own unique features.

Fashion photography is a photography type, in which items related directly with fashion are portrayed in very attractive, appealing and exciting way. The main purpose is to create awareness about the particular fashion brand and product. So, it helps the fashion brand selling the fashion items and accessories.

Glamour photography as we know deals with human forms and focuses on the photography models. The basic purpose is to show the models in most sensual, appealing, attractive and artistic way possible. The clothes and fashion items are there to complement with models look not as a main photography subject.

Whereas beauty photography focuses on head to shoulder shots to exhibit the beauty of the model through the face and eyes.

Bettie Grable And Marilyn Monroe As Early Glamour Models:

The most famous glamour models in history were the Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Grable. Their images were published in playboy magazines and Playboy Playmate.

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Basics To Learn:

Like any other photography type, this type also has some common and distinctive basics of photography. Here, I will discuss some simple and easy to understand tips to get you started on your capturing of the glamorous journey.

  1. Learn Some Basic Glamour Poses And Explain To Model

The top priority is to learn and teach your model some basic poses before you start shooting. This will save you a lot of time and you can arrange the lights and equipment accordingly. You don’t need to learn the hundreds of complex and difficult poses which are hard to memorize.

Just learn some basic poses that get along or revolve around your shoot. It all depends on the location of the shoot, to determine what poses will go along or not.

  1. Lighting And Basic Arrangement

Lighting has a very important role to play in this sort of photography like any other form too. The lighting will decide that how photographs are going to turn out. The incorrect kind of lighting will ruin the overall impact and result of images. The desired model looks or feel that you want to achieve will also depend on what sort of lighting is being used in the shooting.

In this photography, different types of lighting arrangements are used which ranges from very simple to complex. It involves various lights, reflector, and white photography backdrop substances.

  1. Create Harmony In Clothes, Hair, Makeup, And Location

There should be complete harmony between all elements of photography, whether it is location, model’s hair & makeup or lighting. Choose the model’s cloth, makeup and shoot location in the way that they perfectly complement each other and enhance the overall photography’s impact. The makeup is often neglected part of the whole theme, but it is a most part element of whole visual.

  1. Choose An Exciting And Dynamic Location

The most significant factor in this photography is the location. Because the location adds the visual charm and appeal that attracts or fetches the more attention toward the model. Location plays an important role in setting the overall impact of photos and if you get it wrong, the whole photo shoots result as a disaster. Lighting conditions also depend on what sort of the location is being used whether it is indoor or outdoor.

  1. Learn The Basic Camera Setting To Use In Your Advantage

It is essential that you should learn about basic camera setting. So, you can decide what you should use to get the desired impact. The important stuff to know is shutter speed, exposures, use of camera flash and ISO. Here is the tip to remember, keep the ISO as low as possible to avoid getting noise or grains in the photographs. The high exposure will result in brighter images, but it will also increase the ISO. So, at the end, it will be up to you to choose between high exposure or low ISO.

In the end, we learnt about glamour photography like what it is, how it is different from other photography types, and some basics tips to help you expand your photography portfolio. It is said that good things come with a high price and it is true in legitimate glamour photography. It will be worth of paying the price due to the awesome and fabulous results. But, it all depends on you and your choices of equipment, props, and other stuff you want to incorporate in photographs.

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