Food Photography Tips – Bringing Taste From Table To lens.

Food Photography Tips:

The bright colored crunchy vegetables, the juicy fruits, the aromatic mouth watering delights on the serving table and the tempting glasses of juice, are no more the only source of fulfilling the quench of hunger and thirst. They can be equally delightful for the vision. Those savories that were meant for the taste buds can become a great subject to be clicked with the camera and transformed into an eye-catching photograph. The food items have to be captured in such a way that they can become a delightful thing for the viewer. If you like to capture the food items, it is better to follow the food photography tips so that the food can stimulate the taste buds of the viewer. It seems like ordinary photography but the truth is that it requires a lot of perfection and professionalism to do so. From light to the angles all matter while capturing the food. The basic food photography tips can be summarized as follows:

  • Capture the food stuff in the natural light. The use of camera lights can ruin the impression of the food stuff.
  • Don’t limit the food to your kitchen only. Make them the part of other environments and then click them in unique backgrounds and surroundings.
  • Don’t confine yourself to the linear shots. Experiment with the angles. Keep adjusting the direction of the food container. Try to click the food from above or sideways or the angles of 45%.
  • Instead of zooming in to highlight the food, it is better to remove the things which you thought were the background items like a spoon, napkin or even the lot people in the background. Sometimes these backgrounds can overshadow the real subject that is the food.

food-photography-tips  Food Photography Tips - Bringing Taste From Table To lens. food photography tipsProblems in clicking the food:

  • The colors of the food images are not eye catching and close to life. The colors can be retained well with the white balance. The photographer can use the several software available to bring the real colors to life. Replace the colored backgrounds with the white ones.
  • The major reason behind the blurred photos is the lack of light coming from the sensor of the camera. In this case, the best remedy is to find a place that has better light. The blurry images can be avoided by a steady grip on the camera also.
  • Being a beginner your food photographs are not as attractive as the pictures of the professionals are. Try seeking the help of the professionals who reduce the depth of the image and highlight the subject more. Further effects are added with the help of the software that enhances the contrast, levels, and sharpness of their photos.
  • Stay updated about the quality of the lens and the software available to you to capture the clips.

food-photography-tips-2  Food Photography Tips - Bringing Taste From Table To lens. food photography tips 2Essentials for the food photography:

Camera selection:

Many high-quality cameras are available in the market. Out of the large selection, the most preferred is the NIKON. Many beginners even find it easy to handle. If you can’t access to the sophisticated ones just by switching to a simple point and shoot camera can give your creations a better look. Before you start using the camera, it is essential to know about all its essentials. To know the camera more it is preferred to go through the manual of the camera that can be the first assistant to the user. To decide for the best camera make a comparative review of the available equipment. Once you get hold of the basic techniques t is recommended to invest by purchasing the DIGITAL SINGLE REFLEX CAMERA commonly known as the DSLR. L.

Choose the most appropriate lenses:

Most of the photographers prefer capturing the food items with the camera that has a lens with the specifications 35mm and f1.8. They are mostly fixed lens. The lens you decide for food photos is sometimes more important than the DSLR you are holding. Thus, many photographers buy an extra lens too. Professional photographers prefer to buy the compact fixed lenses. Te term Fixed lens refers that the lenses cannot zoom in or out, but the movement of the photographer brings the lens closer to the object or away from it. These fixed lenses are not much expensive, large and heavy. The lens stated above can create sharp images and can be easily used to capture from the top of the food container.

Add better photography equipment:

Once you start improving, get hold of better equipment for the photography. Instead of using the cheap white board for reflecting the light to reduce the shadow it is better to use the sophisticated reflectors and diffusers. One simple option to reduce the shadows is to make use of the black foam board. These boards are easily available from the craft stores. If your light inlet is the window drape down a white fabric and soften the light source. The tripod stand is pretty handy and helpful tool that can keep the camera steady. Although many photographers think that holding the camera is easy, yet those having shaky hands can prevent this to happen by placing the camera on the tripod. The modern cameras do not use the traditional photographic films. They are fitted with the memory card that can be a great help to keep your pics saved for a long time. For further editing, you can transfer them to the computer or laptop through the card reader. Although most of the systems have it, but in case it is missing you can buy it from the closest software shop near you.

Learn to edit with the photography software:

To make your food in the images look attractive and mouth watering, use the photography editing tools available in a number of versions. They can be conveniently downloaded to your system. They include Picasa, Adobe Photoshop, and much more. They can easily help you to arrange, and edit the photographs as you like them to be. This editing includes light and exposure adjustments, shades and shadows, cropping, background adjustment, color contrasts etc.

Now when you have read through the food photography tips you would find great help next time you hold the camera to capture the food.

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