Food Photography Essential Tips

Food photography is one of the most interesting self-challenging projects for oneself. Either it is for some branded food chain or for cooking recipes book, food photography has the same level of difficulty because you are shooting food. And food remains the same everywhere. But fresh food picture is the best shot picture that means you have to take photos when the food is still hot and steamy to get the perfect photo because it looks more appetizing when it is fresh. It does not mean that relatively colder food is not that good looking in the photo but most of the times it is the hot food which gets the stuff done. Here are few tips and ideas for perfect pictures of food.


Lighting is the key in food photography too, just like every other photography. But his difference is that food photography does not require extra light like in outdoor photography or portraits. But a single gentle light source is required to make your food look delicious because the food is already much brighter than the rest of the things, so having an extra amount of light will fade the colors of the food away, which are the factors making it look so good. Try to keep it as much natural as you can so that the brightness do not fade away and the picture is not softened.

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For food photography, you do not require the standard zoom lens provided with your camera of varying focal length ranging from 18, minimum, too, 200+. For this, you need a prime lens, the lens that which cannot zoom in and out. What it does is, it allows you to have a better focus on the food and the focus points are stable and the picture is well balanced.


Just like outdoor photography or the Portrait Photography, the angle matters the most when you photograph the food. Most of the food items look mouth watering when pictured at a specific angle above the food. So, clicking a picture at an angle higher than the food plate makes it look scrumptious.

Creativity and Background:

Most of the time that makes a picture stand out as the one picture is the creativity of the photographer. How he goes deep into the food and how wide he shoots, so having an in-depth knowledge of how this food can look yummier in the picture depends on the photographer. So, the photographer needs to be a bit more innovative and should have the clear idea of what he should do to make food plate look awesome. And most of the time, food picture is taken in the kitchen, but taking food out and clicking the shutter button can help the photographer to vary the standard background which is usually the shelf. But, a food picture in lawn looks perfect. So, changing backgrounds can add more to the picture quality.

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