First Love of Teenage Photographer – Landscape Photography

The first love of a photographer when he owns a digital-SLR camera in his teenage years is landscape photography. One feels like he has taken the responsibility to shoot the beautiful sceneries and show them to the world. Maybe it is because he thinks that he can become the world’s best photographer. One of the best things he likes is the patience of the Mother Nature waiting to get itself captured by the lens of the camera. The beauty of the Mother Nature gives you Goosebumps which force you to capture that specific scene.

People like to spend their summer breaks or spring or winter breaks in a place far from their home sweet home. They go to beautiful places which are cold as hell like Niagara Falls or too hot for them such as the Sahara Desert. They pass through much more beautiful places during their journey and capture multiple photographs. Most of the times, people just capture the picture and when they get back to the home, they find the picture quality close to zero and most of the times, colors have faded away or there is too much noise in the picture. This is because our eyes are programmed in such a way that they just try to capture the beautiful memories of them and try to avoid the details which make the scene dull. This is what our most advanced of the cameras such as digital SLRs cannot do by themselves. The photographer has to make the camera do this either by auto-tuning the settings or adjusting them to suit what is going on in his or her mind.

When you go to a new place which is not your grandparents’ home and which you have not visited before, try to explore the place as much as possible so that you get to know the basics of lighting in that area and get familiar with the timings of different phenomena taking place around you. For example, if you go to a valley or a hill station, try to notice at which time the sun sets and rises. For example, at some particular time, the west wall will be beautifully illuminated and the east wall will be just as the shadow of the west wall. In case you want this to be the moment you are capturing photos, this is given to you by the Mother Nature. But if you want other than this, then you have to make notes of the timing of that area and the lighting procedures going on.

Here are the different ideas for better landscape photography and tips to make it an easier job for you.

Watery Scenes:

When you happen to pass by the rivers or lakes, try to first feel the inner beauty of that scene and then try to feel what message the scene is conveying to you. Try to show the character of the scene in the photo. The fast paced water presents a different idea and slow moving water present different idea to you. So, try to get into the brain of the viewer and show what he wants to see. Try to use water as the subject and present in different axial ways i.e. horizontal, diagonal or vertical. Look deep into the water and check if there are reflections and use them to add life to the image.


Photographing the greenery presents you a different set of challenges than shooting water. Try to find the subject of the picture and choose what you want to show in your image and try to present the message you want people to see.  Find the interest pf the image and present in such a way that it leads the viewer towards itself.

Thirsty and Fiery Deserts:

Try to find the heat waves caused by the hot breeze flowing by the desert. Also, you can look for t footsteps of the ship of the desert i.e. camel. And present the feeling what you get from the scene and make the viewer go deep into the scene. Deserts not only make you picture the sand but they are the best place to picture the sky, stars, and clouds because there is no humidity and there are no roofs of houses and the banners or flexes.  Try to show the sun in your picture too, this is a new challenge to look into the sun but this will surely make your picture stand out among others. Try to take a picture of the cactus plant trying to survive in the hotness of the desert where there is hardly water but it is still fresh and healthy and is lively. These scenes make the Mother Nature so beautiful and gorgeous.

Steep and Snow-Capped Mountains:

Try to show the slope or the steepness of the mountains. Check whether the slope is smooth or rugged and what feeling do you get from the scene and convey that message from your picture to the viewer. Different types of sceneries present different ideas.

Your Very Own Lens:

Lenses are the most important thing while shooting. Not a single lens will help you to capture the most beautiful of the scenes. You have to invest your money in this factor too, to get the most out of it. Use a telephoto lens for shooting the green scenes and the long lens which provide the great zoom depth for shooting the deserts. Use the long lens and get a wide picture of the desert. It will help you capture essentially everything in a single picture.


Get to know your camera more and more. Try to use the manual mode and adjust the shutter speed, ISO or the aperture settings to make your picture worth a look. The manual mode gives you a wide variety of tricks to capture better images.


Using your Feet and getting the Laziness Out Of Your Head:
Most of the teenagers capture pictures while in their car and then do not find them perfect. Unlike, use your feet to explore the place and find more interesting scenes in the specific place.

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