Fine Art photography – A Pandora box of creativity and passion

Fine art photography

Fine Art photography Definition:

Art is a broad term.  There was time when it was just limited to the brush and colors. Today, it has become an integral part of the creativity behind the camera in the shape of Fine Art photography.  In the search for the definition, it seems extremely difficult to define what actually the art photography is. The definition of the art photography varies from person to person.  It is defined according to the perception of the one who is being asked to define it. Generally speaking it is a more realistic photograph that is not just representing any idea.  The art photography actually depends upon the inner feelings and emotions of the person capturing it. Thus, one can say that it is a real representative of the person behind it. It is through this art photography that the viewer can get an insight into the personality, perceptions and thoughts of the creator.

The evolution of the Fine Art photography:

The art photography traces its history to the evolution of the desire of turning the photographs into the paintings.  This urge compelled the photographers to click the photographs such that they have the quality of the painting. Among the famous people behind the lens Julia Margaret Cameron in the UK and Alfred Stieglitz in the US, are renowned for their early efforts in the field of art photography. Today, it is a developed field of photography that has its own world of expression and therefore has distinct features as compared to the painting and art.

Features of the modern Fine Art photography:

Modern art photography is a creative way of expressing the natural instinct for the creativity. It is highly distinct when we talk about the form, design or concepts. As compared to other forms of the art prevailing in the world of creativity art photography is acclaimed for being a complex way of manipulating the ultimate image. In this modern world of art, creativity and photography, the camera is not just a device to click. It is a medium of creating the true to reality from the things around you, such that they are personal yet unique.


In this world of the material rat race, when creativity and art are considered to be the source of happiness and relief, Fine Art photography has opened the doors to a new world of self exploration. The introduction of latest equipment, photography techniques and software’s has made it possible to change the art of clicking into the one similar to the art of using brush and colors. Art photography can be seen in both black and white and colored combinations. The photographic tools have made it even much easier to transform the clicked subject into a painted one. This kind of photography can capture anything like a human character, the natural scenes, and the weather anything. With the help of this art photography even the abstract art can take a new look and a new appearance.

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