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fashion photography

Fashion Photography:

We are surrounded by the fashion photography, it is everywhere and in everything such as billboards, newspaper, magazines and moreover online. It is inspiring and very popular around the globe. The basic purpose of fashion photography is the advertisement of clothes, jewelry and other fashion stuff for fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle or Vanity Fair.

With the time, fashion photography grew and evolved, the aesthetic is developed through the dresses and fashion is enhanced by the presence of beautiful, glamorous locations and fashion accessories.

It is the type of photography in which fashion items and accessories are displayed in more beautiful and exciting way. The popular brands use this sort of photography to sell their product and attract more customers. The boost of the fashion products sale mainly depends on how fashion photography is portraying the brand.

Fashion Photography And Product Photography Are Two Different Things:

Fashion photography helps in creating brand awareness and it also gives chance to the masses to choose whatever they like before going to an actual store. But we shouldn’t confuse the fashion photography with product photography. Because there is a big difference between both types of photography.

Fashion photography focuses on branding the models, accessories, location, and props, to create something eye-catching and unique. This will create the identity in the mind of the viewer to associate it with product and brand.

History Of Fashion Photography:

Fashion photography is nothing new and it exists from the earliest times of the photography. Adolphe Braun published the first photography book in 1856; this contains the 288 photographs of a noble Tuscan woman at the court of Napoleon III. This woman was Countess di Castiglione, Virginia Oldoini, and these photos presented her in her official court outfit. This made her the first fashion model.

In the 20th century, halftone printing of photographs permitted the fashion photographs to be published in fashion magazines. The first magazine to feature the fashion photographs was the French magazine.

In 1909, when Vogue magazine was taken over by Conde Nast, it proved to be the beginning of advancement in fashion photography. After that fashion was portraying as the work of fine art with the use of photography. This was the start of modern fashion photography.

After 1939, the development of this photography industry stopped, because of World War II. This was when the fashion photography of US and UK started to diverge from each other.

In last decade, fashion industry became the most popular and famous, because of Internet and E-commerce industry.

Fashion Photography Tips:

Here are some cool and simple tips, to get you started on your fashion photography journey.

Photography Subjects Are Clothes And Beauty:

In fashion photography, the focus of photography is clothes and beauty. Because these are the photography subjects, not the model. So all you have to do is to combine these two elements of the photography with the model to bring out the best of both.

Browse The Fashion Magazines To Pick Up The Latest Style:

The fashion magazines are the great source of getting the latest fashion style or trends. They will help you to get some suggestions and inspiration for styling your model in various ways. Because to bring out the attractiveness of clothes, the complementing eye makeup, hairstyle, lipsticks, and accessories will be perfect.

Be Confident And Don’t Show Anxiety Or Nervousness:

If you want to direct and convey instructions to the model, then you need self-confidence and assured of your authority. Because showing the nervousness and anxiety, will affect the model style and badly display in your photography too. Every photo shoot should be well organized and rehearse the every shot and pose to get it right. Photography composition, lighting, and techniques should be well defined and pre-determined as well.

Communicate With Models:

Communicating with the model will help them understand your perspective and agenda of shooting. This will result in very effective and time-saving photo sessions. The style, location, props, and clothing should be pre-discussed with models.

Use The Studio To Shoot Fashion Photography:

Because of various reasons studio is a perfect place to shoot the this photography. On top of all, you can control the lighting and stabilized condition necessary for getting exclusive and astonishing photographs. In the studio, you can use the separate light other than the camera, to avoid getting ugly shadows and reflections.

fashion photography fashion photography Look Everything You Would Like To Know About Fashion Photography fashion photographyUse The DIY Studio In Your Home:

If you cannot afford to have a professional studio, it is no big of a deal. You can create your own studio with the help of the stuff around you. All you need are some basic equipment like white fabric, some light sources, homemade soft-box or windows. Anything you may find suitable and help for photography.

Add Props:

The perfect prop to be used in fashion photography is the mirror. It can be utilized to fetch more attention and to tell a beautiful fashion tale. It will allow you to capture the front and back of model as well.

Don’t Forget: Location Is Very Important:

To get the desired impact in your photographs, locations and choosing the right location is the most important element of fashion photography. Like if the brand of clothing wants to be portrayed as strong, hard and edgy, use the urban style locations. Locations will help in enhancing the overall photographic impact and themed the photographs according to fashion displayed.

Use More Light Sources:

If you are shooting in low light conditions and in bright sunlight, extra light sources will prove to be a great help. The camera flash will result in getting reflection and shadows into the photographs. The extra light sources help in getting more focused and brings out the details perfectly.

The present and future of the fashion photography seem to be very bright. It became a flourishing and well-developed industry. Today, fashion shows are held everywhere around the world which means, fashion photography is at its peak right now.

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