The Famous Creators of Photographers Portraits

photographers-portraits The Famous Creators of Photographers Portraits The Famous Creators of Photographers Portraits photographers portraits

For any photographer it’s an out of the ordinary concept to get engaged with the self-portrait. Your camera that is continuously capturing images of others is now changing its track and spotting and shooting you will be a breakthrough in your journey of photography.

Right from the invention of photography, there are those who have sought after to capture their portraits by using mirrors and other such devices. In this article I will seek out to render a merge of diverse artists, right from the 20th Century up to the current day.


Deana’s work is fueled by selfhood and an attention in black culture. Undaunted in her approach, she habitually shoots her subjects entirely exposed and in sturdy poses. Self-portraiture plays an insightful role in her effort and she has used it countless times throughout the years.

portrait-photography The Famous Creators of Photographers Portraits The Famous Creators of Photographers Portraits portrait photography 2VIVIAN MAIER

Her work has been discovered and honored in the last few years only by luck as an influential street photographer. She remained a mystery to the day she died. Maier’s stark black and white self-portraits, many captured on the streets of Chicago and LA are a mesmerizing casement into this profoundly strange artist.



Sasha O is an enthusiastic photographer in portraiture and on a regular basis shoots ingenious and multihued self-portraits. Originally from Ukraine and now based in Belgium, with a fusion of flashy makeup design and arty ideas that shine through she transforms herself in front of the camera.



The musician Graham Nash is known for his brilliance with The Hollies and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, but he has a nice sideline as a photographer. He took many self-portraits over the years while on tour. The one published above is great shot: visually imaginative, he uses mirrors to pull the viewer into his world.



Jun Ahn self-portraiture is marked by an eye for equilibrium and a genuine awareness of magnitude. She’s a daring and fearless photographer recurrently posing out of a skyscraper window in the name of art.



Trish Morrissey works in quite strange way, as part of her groundbreaking project “Front,” he mostly approach strangers and ask to pose. Well the outcomes are captivating with essential themes of individuality and self.



Brian Oldham, a fine art photographer has a passion for artistic selfies and much of his output takes on this form. He is having a whimsical style to draw viewer attention into his surreal world.



A reputable master of tentative self-portraits and digital photography Doble uses light and equipment in astonishingly out of the ordinary ways to confront our preconceptions.



Wein places the environment front and centre, as the body is dwarfed against the scale of the natural world. Doing a headstand is hard enough on its own, but when you throw into the mix high cliffs and sheer drops well then it comes even more so. But this hasn’t stopped the American photographer Alex Wein from creating some interesting self-portraits.



The work of Andy Warhol is familiar but his self-portraits, many of which engross him in drag, are perhaps less well known. Transforming him with intricate hair and makeup he takes on an entire new person and confronts the camera full on, hiding nothing.

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