Family Photo shoots! – 5 Fabulous Wardrobe Choices

family photo shoots

Family photo shoots are the pictures that you are going to hang up everywhere on the walls in your house. They record moments and memories that you will gush over for years and years to come when your children have all departed to their respective colleges, apartments and lives, and you’ll find yourself alone in a house full of pictures.

So, make such Family photo shoots count, and work your wardrobe and colour coordination to make sure you’re looking your best-dressed self to capture and cease these fleeting memories in time.

Let’s take a look at some amazing family photo shoots ideas that we have compiled to inspire your creativity:

family photo shoots Family photo shoots Family Photo shoots! - 5 Fabulous Wardrobe Choices facebook shoot

Matching colour is a bad idea for Family photo shoots:

You don’t want a white shirt to give the black in your wife’s dress, think different, and get creative with colours. Children are much better with colours when it comes to picking out clothes, so forget the blacks and whites, and get really colourful.

Blue is a great colour, very trendy this season, so is pink, peach, red and purple. Choose your pick and let those colours burst out of the pixels.

family photo shoots Family photo shoots Family Photo shoots! - 5 Fabulous Wardrobe Choices family studioComplement your home décor:

Well obviously, since you are going to hang all these pictures in your house, it is essential that your wardrobe complements the décor. For instance, if you’re planning to shoot a couple pictures in your backyard, how about rustic earthy tones of brown, sandy grey and light green?

And if you’re shooting in your modern and sleek living room that is done is elegant nude, how about following up the colour tone with nudes, whites and light gold?

Accessorize heavily For Family photo shoots :

And why not? This is the best chance you’ll ever get to accessorise as much as you want and have your own photographer click away your moment of prettiness. So, put on some bling bling, or other ethnic bohemian pieces that best complement your wardrobe and the mood that you’re trying to create, it will surely bring out your beauty in the image.

Accessorise the kids as well, hand them beady necklaces, sunglasses, hats, basically any and every accessory that can trim them up and make them look cuter than they look already. And most importantly, do not forget the headbands for your little baby girl, particularly toddlers who don’t want much hair to begin with.

Ditch the patterns:

Even though I am a huge fan of polka dots, stripes and checks, but it is a well-known fact that overdoing patterns often results in distractions from the actual subjects. And besides, you would want something softer and sweeter for your family album.

Mix up the textures:

Mixing up textures is a great idea to get a burst of colours in your pictures and bring out a sharp dressing sense as well. For instance, pair a nice Burberry scarf with your cosy mommy sweater or wrap one around your toddler’s neck. You can also dress up your son in a sharply checked blazer with ripped jeans and daddy can mimic the same outfit to create some really fun imagery!

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