Ways to Spice Up Your Photography Skills

photography skills

Perfect photography skills:

Ever wondered what it takes to make the perfect photograph, like the ones you see on your favorite magazine or that picture that won an honorable prize. Well, it seems that to achieve that not everyone has to be a master of the camera, any individual including you can do it. All it takes is a little imagination and to abide by some general styles, tip, and tricks of the craft, this leads the way to spice up your photography skills.

General Styles of Photography:

There are many different styles of photography the most basic are the “Automatic” and “ Manual” mode, these modes help configure the different settings of the camera. Those include the aperture, shutter speed, Iris, gain and white balance levels. The correct configurations of these features are important to get the perfect shot.

“Portrait” and “landscape” shots are those styles of photography that have quite opposite settings especially when it comes to the aperture feature. A large aperture number of the portrait style and a smaller number for the landscape style setting the aperture number are important since its function is to bring in or cut down all the background to allow maximum focus on the object being shot.

Basic Tips and Tricks to look out for:

When pursuing your photography hobby, some tips and tricks from worldwide experts might come in handy. Ansel Addams a very well known photographer once said: “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” True, many experts agree with the fact that there aren’t any general rules and regulations of photography but some guidelines are crucial. First off the highly advise to keep a camera with you at all times. Generally, because you never know when you might find a beautiful combination of colors during a sunset or maybe a person interested in nature might witness a hatching of a bird. These eye-catching events certainly call for the perfect shot to be made. The rule of thirds is one rule all should take into account when assuring frame measurement. The theory states that the object should be positioned along the point where these lines intersect. This allows the picture frame to balance.

Experts also state that when surrounded by symmetrical patterns, both man-made and natural. They are an opportunity to create a good composition, particularly in situations where they were not expected. Another trick is to try to break the symmetry or the pattern in some creative way by introducing tension into the picture.

When it come to shooting and object deciding a view point is important. This has a massive impact on the composition. The result greatly affects the outcome of the picture. Experts suggest that rather shooting it from the typical boring eye level angle, experiment, from high above, down at ground level, from the side, from the back, from a long way away, from very close up, and so on. You never know what might surprise you unexpectedly.

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