Best Guide Of DIY Light Box Photography To Make You A Pro

Light Box Photography:

Light box photography is used to showcase the small and medium things with plain white or dark color backgrounds. The light box photography helps in highlighting the product by capturing the high-quality product image. Light box photography gives the whole control over subject’s background and lighting. Even a soft background and dispersed lighting will make the product shine and highlight it beautifully. It will result in increased sales of the product.

So, here in this guide, I will help you understand how the light box photography work and what tools do we need for light box photography.

A Light Box-Introduction:

The first thing you need for light box photography is a light box, obviously. A light box can be expensive if you buy it from the store. But that shouldn’t be worried about because; you can make your own light box by following the simple steps:

  1. The first thing you need for the light box is a simple large sized cardboard box. Then, cut the windows into the sides and top of a cardboard.
  2. The second thing is a Bristol paper to cover the bottom of the cardboard.
  3. The plane white fabric or you can also use the bright white poster paper. All you need to do is to cover the windows with the white fabric or white paper.
  4. The final thing you need is light source. You can use three lamps with hundreds of watt bulbs and more the light, the better it is.

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Lightening The Light Box :

To lighten the light box, you need is the light source. One thing you should remember is, with the help of more light, you will get the better results. Initially, you can use the three light sources and add more for enhancing image quality. Multiple lights will give you the opportunity to get the clearer image and you can also reposition the lights for desired results. You can also use the reflecting light umbrellas for softer image and depends upon the goal of the photography project. One thing you need to be careful about, are shadows. The light positioning in the wrong direction can create the shadows and ruin the image quality.

Use A Camera Tripod:

On the camera flash, direct light source won’t give the slow Shutter speed, we need in the light box photography. While shooting, the camera needs to be very still and air shock absorbent. But the problem is that the camera will certainly shake when you are holding it in your hands. So, the use of the tripod will prevent the camera from moving and give the good quality image. While you are shooting in the light box, the tripod gives the steady surface that will line up well with the product.

Settings Of The Camera:

In light box photography, the most important thing is to get full exposure of the product. Because you use the white paper and white fabric, it will give your camera hard time with proper exposure. So, by using the appropriate exposure compensation you can deal the problem of underexposure. In order to get your desired depth of field, you should let the camera decide the right Shutter speed.

Here at the end of our light box photography journey, you have learned the answers to some basic questions about light box photography. Now, you also know how it works and by remembering few simple instructions you can master the art of light box photography.

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