Basic Beauty Photography Mistakes That Newbie Make

beauty photography mistakes beauty photography Basic Beauty Photography Mistakes That Newbie Make beauty photography mistakes


Here I am going to discuss some of the basic beauty photography mistakes that a newbie makes. I have been noticing many beginners and found these basic mistakes in almost all of them. I will surely summarize some of the basic tips about the beauty photography, but here I am going to discuss some of the mistakes. There are many things related to photography that cannot be learned without any teacher or institute. There are many things that a teacher repeats and actually that is the most important thing while shooting. I am bringing something to your attention as these are the most basic things according to my experience. Everything I am writing here is my own experience and what I learned from my previous photography classes.  You can simply have a look at them and if you like them, you can simply apply them in your photo shooting.


Thinking You Can’t Do It On Your Own:

This is the biggest mistake a beginner mostly make. This is just not an excuse as you are going to capture the most amazing models and sculptures. Another thing is that there is no photo studio and proper tools for the newbies. The most important thing is to take initiative and the rest is going with the flow. In this modern day, you can easily access to get some partners with social media. The experience does not matter as if you are shooting regularly and analyzing each other’s work. If you do not have your own studio, then there is no need to worry about. Most of the renowned photographers started when they were living in an apartment, etc. beauty portraits can be taken anywhere like on the couch, in balcony or on the floor. You just have to practice and place does not matter. If you cannot afford expensive lighting and tools, then just shoot with what you have. Just don’t let such excuses stop you from approaching the next level.

Inappropriate lenses:

mistakes-photographers-make beauty photography Basic Beauty Photography Mistakes That Newbie Make mistakes photographers makeWhile shooting the beauty photography there is not a much need to include the surrounding frame. Wide lenses should be used while doing beauty shoot. The focal lens distorts if you use anything under 70-100 mm. There is distortion even in the pictures that are shot with the lens of 70 mm.  Longer focal length is recommended for the beauty photography. If a very close shot is to be taken like just on the face then a macro lens must be required.

Inappropriate light modifiers:

Use of inappropriate light modifiers is also referred as a big problem. Side lightning will emphasize uneven light texture. This thing is the most annoying one while doing beauty photography.  Always check that light should be soft and well-adjusted to get a perfect shoot.  One thing you need to know is that direct light makes hard edges. Smaller light sources are used to make sharper and darker shadows. The small light sources are made by point sources. Similarly, diffused light scatters and makes almost no shadow. The larger light sources are used to make soft and light shadows.

Shooting with the camera level above subject’s eye level:

This is also one important thing that taking the camera level above the model’s eye level will give you an image in which the model’s neck will be shown smaller. This thing can destroy your whole shoot and a small mistake will cost you a money and mental tension. Always try to settle the camera level below the eyes of the model as to get a perfect and amazing shoot. This will give a perfect elongation of the neck, which will look amazing, elegant and graceful.


Stepping farther back:      

Most of the editorial and fashion photography contains surroundings as well. For this purpose, we use a wide angle lens to get them into the frame. But in the beauty photography only the models face and neck is focused so there is no need of the wide angle lens. You can observe the images in magazines and novels in which a little space is left except the models face and neck. You can search on the internet for the acceptable space that should be left while doing beauty photography.

Not checking your camera often:

beauty-photography-mistakes-that-newbie-make beauty photography Basic Beauty Photography Mistakes That Newbie Make beauty photography mistakes that newbie makeThis is the biggest mistakes that most of the newbies make after entering the photography world. Most of the newbies continue clicking without checking. This is the basic cause of any failure. You should check your monitor every now and then to get a perfect shoot. Most of the times it happens that the model is giving a good pose, but the lightning is not far enough and you keep on clicking the photos just because of the good response of the model. Sometimes most of the people over expose the picture just because they are not double checking the camera. So always, keep checking your camera monitor to get a perfect shot and best responses.

Lack of communication:

Communication is the basic key for an amazing and graceful photo-shoot. In beauty photography this thing is even more important because you are only focusing the model. A good communication can help your model to feel relax and calm. You can communicate with your model and ask her for the beautiful poses and perfect facial expressions. The point I am trying to crack here is that a good communication can help your model to feel relax and this will help you to create a good beauty photography.

One more thing is that instead of touching her hair just ask her for the permission to adjust the hairs etc. you will show her a respect and obviously she will feel comfortable in your presence which will be great for you to get perfect expressions out of her. So a good communication between you and your model is a basic key for a perfect beauty photo-shoot.

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