12 Things A Baby Portrait Photographer Need To Be Aware Of

baby portrait photographer Baby Portrait Photographer 12 Things A Baby Portrait Photographer Need To Be Aware Of Baby Portrait Photographers

Being a baby portrait photographer is the cutest job ever, because you get to see adorable little newborn munchkins every day; and what’s more is that you get to photograph them! On the contrary, you do need to keep in mind that the baby has just been born and needs to be handled very delicately. These are a few things you must be aware of:

  1. Do not wear any jewelry on the job like rings, bracelets or earrings. Baby photographers need to put the baby in different positions and jewelry can hurt them.
  2. If you’re a female baby portrait photographer, make sure your nails are trimmed. False nails or scratchy ones can leave scars on the baby.
  3. Make it certain that your hands are clean, and preferably use a sanitizer before you begin.
  4. Never make the mistake of leaving the baby alone! They can be fall off from the spot where you settled them, and in worst case scenarios, be abducted.
  5. If you’re taking a portrait photo from above, make sure your neck strap is in your neck. If you accidentally drop the camera, it won’t fall on the baby.
  6. Baby portrait photographers can make the mistake of thinking that the baby is too little to cause a mess. Be aware, they are tiny but their reflexes are developing. One kick can send them toppling down from the chair you put them in.
  7. Keep in mind the weather whilst you’re shooting. Adults might feel comfortable in certain temperatures, but a baby’s skin is pretty sensitive. If the baby looks like he’s going into fetal position he might be cold, on the other hand, if he’s being sweaty then obviously it’s a little warm for him.baby-sitting-siblings-baby-portrait-photographer Baby Portrait Photographer 12 Things A Baby Portrait Photographer Need To Be Aware Of baby sitting siblings baby portrait photographer
  8. While taking a portrait shot, do not force any pose upon the baby. If he is squirming or moving around too much, it may be that the pose is hurting or annoying him somehow. Simply change your ways.
  9. As a baby portrait photographer, be prepared to hear the parents impose their thoughts on you. How they want the baby to look, what they are expecting off you and so on. Bear with them, because they are newly made parents, no wonder they are super excited.
  10. Don’t try fancy poses with the baby. After all they are merely infants and they cannot cope with your level of photography skills.
  11. Always keep baby wipes, pampers and tissues at hand. A photographer can never know when the baby is about to have a projectile vomit session or worse!
  12. Keep the parents with you at all times. Never ever ask to be with the baby alone, or keep snapping pictures while the parents are away. It can turn into an ugly situation for you if there is any sort of mishap, or simply if the baby starts crying.

brothers-family-siblings-boys-50692 Baby Portrait Photographer 12 Things A Baby Portrait Photographer Need To Be Aware Of brothers family siblings boys 50692

In conclusion, being a baby photographer has all its sweet perks, but make sure that you remember you’re dealing with a very fragile human being and you must be vigilant!

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