Art and Photography – Understanding the relationship

Art and Photography


Art and Photography enjoy a strong bond. They by no means can be separated from each other. They enjoy a strong bond because of a common trait and that is love of humanity. Both exist for the quenching of the human desires, dreams and the satisfaction. They are both related to human development and growth thus, they cannot be limited to a particular group or class. They both belong to the human beings in general. Art and Photography both are for the all. It is very easy to say that photography is nothing, but a democratic art. Anyone can just hold the camera, expensive or cheap, complex or simple. And then click to capture. With the passing time the technology has made photography a real easy to handle thing. No matter your clicks are professionally sound or not, photography gives a real happiness to the ones that admire the nature and the people around them.

Photography, the world of creativity:

Photography is the world of personalization. It is the personal feelings and emotions within that make photography a really fantastic world of creativity. The camera works like the pen. Just like pen writes out the feelings, the camera captures the truth in the shape of photos. The words written by the pen fade away but the photos stay in the life for a long time. If you own a creative mind then nothing can stop from materializing the ideas into a photograph. It is not even important to learn. Your eyes can transform into the teacher that can compel you to admire your surroundings and then shoot the subject according to your imagination and creativity. The creativity is just a click away. All you have to do is focus the subject, adjust the light, and then click to capture. The impression that would appear as the photograph will be the ambassador of the creativity. What your eyes will see will be transformed into a reality by just pressing the button to capture

What makes photography an art?

Art is a broad term. It includes all the activities that highlight the human qualities and traits. Arts that started with the simple Stone Age visuals, is now including a number of activities based on the human creativity. In this respect photography has confused the people with a mind boggling interrogative, that whether photography is an art or not. In order to understand the truth behind this question, it is essential to learn about the traits of photography that qualify it to be the art. The question is a real challenge for everyone. Due to the technical dependency on the equipment, the laws of science involved in the process of capturing the pictures it is considered as the science. On the contrary the imagination, creativity and the skills make it the field that can be referred as the art. Hence putting it in any one category is not an easy task. For the ultimate classification it is important to study the various aspects that can make it a branch of arts.

The important features that relate Art and Photography are as follows:


Art delivers a message:

Art is not lines, figures and colors. It is much broader term. It starts with an idea that has to convey as a message through the art work. Photography is based on the message too.

Art is based on intentions:

No art work is created unintentionally. Motive is essential for the creation.

Art is originality and creativity:

The art looks for creativity and originality. Unless the work has the actual thought of the artist behind it, it is worthless.

As photography and art share these traits, therefore it is inevitable to relate both Art and Photography.

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