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Best Seflie

Popularity of Selfie:

You do not have camera always in your hand to capture the best out of the moment. And you also don’t want to pose formally for a rear camera picture take from your phone. SO, you have to rely on the selfie camera for this. And selfies are becoming more popular than the formally taken pictures.

Selfie Tips and Tricks:

These are the few tips to get the best selfie taken.


Try to make yourself a bit more pretty by tilting the upper part of your face to either of your side. What it does is, it makes your pretty fishy eyes, look even bigger and draw attention to your cheekbones too.


Just like every other photography, lighting is the key to the best selfies too. Try to face the light at the time of clicking the shutter button, it makes your skin look super gorgeous and flawless and your hair look lustrous.


Try to hold the camera above your head, this makes your double chin disappear, if you have one, and also gives your picture a perfect artsy feel too. This makes the chubbiness of your face to fade away and it also gives a peak to your nice outfit.


Expressions are what make your selfie look even more attractive. If you are having fun when the picture is being taken, Then try to pose a little funky as it will make your followers have a little fun too when they have a look at your picture and this also means you will have more hearts(likes in case of Instagram) on your picture.

Selfie Stick:

Most of the times when a picture Is being clicked you see awkward extension of the arm of the person. This can be further reduced by using a quality selfie stick. It also reduces the noise in the picture which is possible when you release the shutter button  and you can have a lot of background in the picture too, if the background is pretty, this can help you in having a better exposure upon your face.


The basic rule of photography is that the subject should be at the center of the frame but in case of selfies try to place your head in the upper left or right corners of the frame. This can be a lot more convincing. And most of the times the backgrounds is busy and there is too much rush back there, so try to crop it to your face if the background is not so pretty.

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