6 Top Fashion Photographers That Are Mention Worthy

top fashion photographers

Top Fashion Photographers:

Fashion photography is the most popular form of the photography, it is everywhere in magazines, books, advertisement campaigns, the billboard on the side of the road and most importantly online. Originally it was strict for selling purpose but now it is everything whether we like or not, or like to embrace it. Fashion photographers do not only capture the dresses, hair, jewelry, styling or makeup but also the lifestyle and subjects attitude. Each fashion photographer is unique because their photograph exhibits the photographer vision and style. Here are some top fashion photographers who changed the fashion world with their photography.

John Rankin Waddell:

John Rankin is one of the most popular and famous fashion photographers. He is a British photographer known as Rankin in the fashion world. The specialization of Rankin is in portrait and fashion photography. He left his study of accounting and pursues his passion for fashion photography. After his graduation, he worked with Jefferson Hack in their first magazine “Dazed and Confused”.

John Rankin Waddell photographer top fashion photographers 6 Top Fashion Photographers That Are Mention Worthy i

Peter Lindbergh:

Peter Lindbergh is widely known for his black and white photographs. He is a German photographer and also a filmmaker. In 1978, Lindbergh moved to Paris and start shooting for Vogue. He is a winner of many awards like Lucie Awards New York, Award for CourageNew York, fashion layout of the year and several more. He also got his book published in 1996. The book title was “Ten Women by Peter Lindbergh”.

Russell James:

Russell James is an Australian photographer and his passion for photography turned him into the most proficient and popular photographer. He was a labor in trash can factory but he pursued his career in photography because of his passion for photography. He is famous for shooting as the main photographer Victoria’s Secret. He also shot many celebrities. Many top magazines such as Vogue, American Photo, Sports Illustrated and Marie Claire published his work.

Kai Z Feng:

Kai Z Feng is the Chinese photographer and he specialized in shooting portraits, fashion, editorial and commercial photography. At the age of 18, he moved to London and worked as graphic designer. The famous celebrities he worked with are Nicole Kidman, Katy Perry, and Jennifer Lopez. He also shoots for famous brands and magazines such as Ben Sherman, Hugo Boss, Burberry and more as well.

Ellen Von Unwerth:

Ellen is a German photographer and also a model and director too. Ellen started modeling when she was ten years old.  After that, she started working behind the camera as a photographer and director. Ellen specialization is in the fashion, editorial and advertisement photography. She shoots for many top fashion magazines such as Vanity Fair, Interview, Vogue, Twill and more. In 1991, Ellen received her first award at the International Festival of Fashion Photography and much more after that.

Annie Leibovitz:

Annie Liebovitz is a world famous American photographer and specialized in fashion and Portrait Photography. In 1970, she started working for famous magazine Rolling Stone and in 1983, she worked for Vanity Fair. She won many awards such as American Society of Magazine Editor’s first Creative Excellence Award and more.

So, these are some of the top fashion photographers around the world and there are much more as well.

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