13 Types of Photography You Are Still Unfamiliar With

types of photography


What is Photography?

Photography is a fun, popular hobby and profession around the world. Photography offers the wide range of photography types and you can choose the one that matches your personality. Usually, a photographer specializes in one or two types of photography for various reasons. There are dozens of photography categories, that are further divided into more subcategories. Generally, photography is categorized on the basis of their photography genre and photography topic. In this article, I will explain some of the photography types from both categories!

Landscape Photography:

It is a type of photography that focuses on large spans and areas of land around the world. The landscape photography provides the most beautiful images of nature that expresses, how grand and vast our world is. Sometimes, landscape photography features the vast spreads of man-made creation along with nature.

Portrait Photography:

Portrait Photography is used to capture the person’s feelings, mood, personality and facial expressions. Portrait Photography can also be used for the group of persons, not necessarily for an individual. Usually, the main focus of the Portrait Photography is the face of a person and its features but it can further zoom out to half and full body.

Wedding Photography:  

Wedding photography is a combination of different styles of photography and it provides the whole wedding coverage. In order to cover the whole wedding, the photographer needs to be very good at macro, portrait, fashion, landscape and fashion photography.

Macro Photography:

In order to get the extremely close shots of small objects, the macro photography is used. This type of the photography is highly technical and requires a lot of practice to command it. The main focus of the macro photography is that its subject appears in much larger size than their real life size.

Fashion Photography:

Fashion photography features the fashion dresses, clothes, jewelry etc. Most often, professional female models are the focus of the fashion photography but male fashion model is also captured by the photographer. There are many industries that are devoted to fashion like fashion magazines, shows etc.

Fine Art Photography:

The most artistic type of photography in which, photographer expresses the artistic or subjective visualization of the reality. This is the opposite of representational photography in which reality is unaltered. A lot of creativity and imagination goes into fine art photography.

Wildlife Photography:

To capture and document the animals in their natural habitat, wildlife photography is used. It is very challenging yet, very inspiring to shoot the animals. The main problem in wildlife photography is to follow the animal without being detected. And photographer also needs to be careful, not to go near the dangerous animal to capture. So photographer’s technical skills should be spot on.

Journalism Photography:

The type of photography used in documenting the event or story since it is telling the reality. The photographer has, to be honest, unbiased and impartial while telling the story or event.  Journalism photography impacts the opinion of the millions around the world.

Architectural Photography:

In order to portray the buildings into an aesthetically pleasing way, architectural photography is used. Architectural photography represents the feeling of being around the build structures.

Abstract Photography:

The type of the photography used to capture the details, line colors, shapes in themselves rather than the subject. Usually, subjects are not being portrayed in abstract photography.

Ariel Photography:

 As mentioned in name Ariel photography means photos are being taken from the plane, aircraft, and flying crafts. This sort of photography gives the inspirational high angle images. It is really tough because you need not only to worry about your equipment safety but yourself too.

Newborn Photography:

The focus of the newborn photography is newborn, infants and babies. This is the cutest and adorable type of photography because of its subjects. Newborn photography is tough and challenging and the photographer needs to worry about baby’s safety.

Conceptual Photography :

In conceptual photography, the photographer tries to convey the preconceived idea in the form of an image. The examples of conceptual photography are stock and advertising photography.

So, these are some of the popular and well-known types of photography that we learn in this article and there are much more as well, like Kirlian, infrared, glamor, maternity, family event, erotic, concert etc.

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