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Photography is a fun, popular hobby and profession around the world. Photography offers the wide range of photography types and you can choose the one that matches your personality. Usually, a photographer specializes in one or two types of photography for various reasons. There are dozens of photography categories, that are further divided into more subcategories. Generally, photography is categorized on the basis of their photography genre and photography topic. In this article, I will explain some of the photography types from both categories!

Types of Photography

Landscape Photography

It is a type of photography that focuses on large spans and areas of land around the world. The landscape photography provides the most beautiful images of nature that expresses, how grand and vast our world is. Sometimes, landscape photography features the vast spreads of man-made creation along with nature.

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Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography is used to capture the person’s feelings, mood, personality and facial expressions. Portrait Photography can also be used for the group of persons, not necessarily for an individual. Usually, the main focus of the Portrait Photography is the face of a person and its features but it can further zoom out to half and full body.

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Digital Photography

Nowadays Digital photography is something everyone is a part of. You don’t necessarily have to be a certified cameraman in order to learn the skill, anyone matures enough can do the trick. A vast number of expensive and advanced equipment is not needed. All you have to do is know what you’re doing and with a little help of imagination, possibilities are endless. Photography is an art that can be for anyone; here we will discuss some useful styles, tips and tricks of the trade.

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Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a combination of different styles of photography and it provides the whole wedding coverage. In order to cover the whole wedding, the photographer needs to be very good at macro, portrait, fashion, landscape and fashion photography.

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Fashion Photography

Fashion photography features the fashion dresses, clothes, jewelry etc. Most often, professional female models are the focus of the fashion photography but male fashion model is also captured by the photographer. There are many industries that are devoted to fashion like fashion magazines, shows etc.

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Family Photography

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Food Photography

Food photography is a trend that has gained reputation in recent years. With all the advancements in technology and a wide variety of lifestyles, taking pictures of special culinary dishes asks for some tips and tricks. To make sure that the photograph is so phenomenal that the viewer can actually smell the food and even taste it all through, expert’s suggestions might help you through the next time you take snaps of amazing dishes for your blog or simply showing a loved one what’s for dinner.

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Wildlife Photography

To capture and document the animals in their natural habitat, wildlife photography is used. It is very challenging yet, very inspiring to shoot the animals. The main problem in wildlife photography is to follow the animal without being detected. And photographer also needs to be careful, not to go near the dangerous animal to capture. So photographer’s technical skills should be spot on.Wildlife photography is a great experience for both the photographer and the viewer.

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